Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Free Project

I'm an organized person by nature, 
but at times even the best organizers don't always stay organized.

That brings me to this

a hanging jewelry organizer.  
I've had mine for years and while it certainly is great for smaller items, 
necklaces always seem to get tangled and aren't easily visible.
Mine was a mess!
I wanted a solution to make them more visible, untangled and easily accessible.

Cue Pinterest and all the wonderful ideas that abound.
I took a few different ideas that I saw and made my own hanging necklace board from things I already had around the this project cost me a grand total of free!

Here's a step by step guide to my project.


(any size - the larger the more room you'll have to hang necklaces - mine is approx 18" sq)
Piece of foam core or cork
(we had an old plastic business yard sign that I used)
Fabric - enough to cover your board and wrap around the edges
Cup Hooks

I started by cutting the foam core sign to fit inside in the frame.
Then using spray glue I adhered my fabric to the board.

Make sure you do this step in a well ventilated area or outside,
 as this stuff smells very strong and it's super tacky and tends to overspray everywhere.

Fold over the corners neatly, just like you would wrap a gift.

Meanwhile I painted my cup hooks to match my fabric, 
but you could skip this step altogether depending on the look you are going for. 

Once they were dry I screwed them into the foam board,
and inserted it into the frame.

And here is the finished project!

Plenty of untangled hanging space for short and medium length necklaces.

I like how easily it is to see everything. 
I actually found a necklace that I had totally forgot about since it was tucked away in a pouch!

While I have a few longer necklaces that were too long for the board,
I simply put an extra cup hook in the wall next to this to make room for those.

Overall I'm very happy and it didn't cost me anything and only took about an hour to complete.

How do you keep your jewelry stored?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Focus on Life - Week 4 - Create Art

Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
"art" is a very broad term.
It comes in many mediums, shapes, sizes and colors.
So when our prompt from Sally this week was to 
Create Art 
 I was intrigued to find out what that means to everyone on this year long photo journey.

While I am a crafter and enjoy creating with fabric, paper and my sewing machine,
a lot of what I create comes out of my kitchen.

As the opportunity often arises, I found myself playing with dough.
Sourdough that is!
I bake bread weekly and as it was sitting there cooling on the counter with the sun filtering in...I found the perfect moment to capture what I had created.

And the best part about this particular art form...
It's totally edible!

Stop by here and see what others created this week!

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Focus on Life - Catching Up 1,2 & 3

52 week badge

I may be a little late to the party due to computer problems, but I figured better late than never.
I'm joining Sally over at
for a year long blog challenge.

The plan is simple really.
Each week we receive a prompt.
Then we have one week to capture that "prompt" with our camera and show what it means to us.
The focus is to take a look at your life, 
your surroundings in a different way and capture it on film.
I think it's a very interesting idea for 2013,
 and a great way to look back at the end of the year.

Normally, I'll just be posting one challenge each week, 
but because I'm playing catch up this time there will be three.

Week One
Self Portrait

Self portraits are tough.
Do you smile?
Should I look serious?
Do I show my whole face?
I'm not super comfortable in front of the camera, but not overly shy either.
This picture isn't my most glamorous by far, but it captured me.
Wearing my favorite color, in one of my favorite rooms in the house, doing what I love - cooking.
So I felt like it showed me for who I am.

Certain things define us visually.
For me, it's my red hair.
It's the one thing that always stands out, but in this photo it kind of faded into the background and other things stood out - that's why I chose this photo.

Week Two
Your Word

This is really a tough word!!
I really thought long and hard about what word would I want to keep for the whole year.
That's a long time to stay committed to a single defining "unit-of-language".

I don't really make New Years resolutions, but thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this year.
All the things I'd like to do involve
So that's what I've chosen to be my word.

I think my favorite synonym is "heart".
When you truly focus on something or someone, 
it becomes the center or the life of things.

My goal for 2013 is to stay focused.

Week Three
Take Time

Do you take time for yourself?
That was our challenge this week.

I have to say, this is something that I'm actually really good about doing.
I take a few minutes every day to go and sit in my favorite corner in our bedroom.
It's a calming space.
 I read, watch a little tv, flip through a magazine, call a friend & chat on the phone.
As long as it's something that isn't work, family or household related.
I find it very helpful to take your mind off everyday things - even if it's just for a few minutes.
It perks up my mood every time and I always feel refreshed.

Do you have a favorite spot that you like to go to?

Thanks for playing catch up with me and I hope you'll follow along with me through 2013.

Want to see what others are capturing on film for their focus?
Come take a peek...

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm back...almost

I wish I had been off on some globetrotting adventure,
but alas our poor computer was sick.
Whirring, whining, clicking and not retrieving information when asked.
After much attempting to revive her ourself, we soon realized that she needed professional help.

So after some relaxing days at the tech spa - she has happily returned as good as new!
Well, almost.
She needed a new hard drive, so in some ways it's like meeting her for the first time again.
Luckily we were able to extract almost all our files and photos, 
though a few things are forever gone.
(note to self: back up to external hard drive more frequently)
Having a blank desktop is weird - I mean really odd.
I had things neatly organized in folders and knew where everything was - not anymore,
but at least she's home.

And, that means a "real" blog post will be in order soon!!
I've missed being away and though I tried following your blogs via my smartphone, 
that's less than ideal.

So I am happily going to sit here with my cup of coffee this morning,
 and find out all I've missed in blogland!!

More to come soon...


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