Saturday, September 28, 2013

Brain Food

I'm almost a month into school and loving it!
The amount of information we are taking in, is incredible to me.
After 8 hours a day in the classroom, on average
I come home and study 2-3 hours more..some nights even longer, in preparation for the next day.

There are days my head is literally swimming with terms and words that are new to me, but somehow they are slowly, all being retained.
It's become apparent very quickly to a few who skipped studying, 
that you won't make it through if that's the path you choose.
Lessons learned!

Here a few things that are keeping me going...

I love that there is a tiny hint of sweetness to coconut water, 
but it's something sweet that I can feel good about.
It's in my backpack everyday!

We take so many notes, I had to find a way to make the really important parts stand out.
I'm absolutely loving these retractable highlighters.
They are bright, yet don't bleed through either my notebook paper or my textbooks.
I like the fact that there are no caps to lose either.

I need brain food throughout the day to keep my going and these are just a couple snacks that I'm loving and that are easy to carry with me.

A little crunch, a tad sweet, and they tide me over until my next break.
Tons of whole grain and protein too.

These are great!
I take some pretzels or some celery sticks and start dipping!!
They are perfectly portioned and peanut butter is filling and keeps me going.

These are a few things that are keeping my brain in working order these days.

What's your favorite brain food?

Friday, September 13, 2013

The First Weeks

I have officially survived the first 2 weeks of school!
It's been great, though honestly a little surreal. 
Sitting in a classroom for 8 hours a day, isn't something I've done in a very long time...
in what honestly feels like forever!

There are sixteen of us on this journey together.
A mix of male and female, young and older-ish...
well actually only one older-ish person and that would be me!
Yep, I guess I'm kinda the "mom" of the class.
But, hey I'm ok with that...with age comes wisdom. Right?

It's funny being around a group of twentysomes 
and a couple of thirtysomes, and their insatiable energy.
I find it refreshing.
Their youthfulness at times, makes me laugh.

As we settle into groups and friendships form, it's interesting to see the dynamics of the class.
I wonder when it's all said and done, where everyone will end up.
Will we all finish the program and make it through?
 Not only the academic portion, but also the grueling clinicals that are to come.

Our days consist of lectures and hands on.
Looking at all these strange surgical instruments and learning their names and uses.
When we finish the program, we will have learned almost 500!!
We are all still struggling with the first 40, so reaching that high number at this point is hard to fathom. 

We quiz every single day, and have exams every 5 days. 
So my nights, well they kind of look like this...
going over notes and flashcards

 with some help from the trusty textbooks!

Reading this much and learning all these new things is quite invigorating.
I am truly enjoying it.
It's good to know that I've still got plenty of room up there to learn new things.
(check back again in 6 months and see if I have any more room at that point!)

That's what I've been up to...what about you?


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