Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Long Weekend

The first long weekend of the Summer season is upon us!

Here in Cali - it really feels like Summer - we've even hit triple digit temperatures over this last week!!
So the grill at our house will definitely be getting fired up this weekend.

I came across these delicious looking burgers online,
 and knew instantly what was going to be on our weekend menu.

A little heat, some fresh avocado and a lovely veggie salad to finish it off.

Is it dinner time already?

Happy Long Weekend!!!

Are you grilling this Memorial Day?


Almost Precious said...

Wow OVER 99 degrees already in Calif. That usually doesn't happen this early in the summer. I'm almost afraid to wonder what it will be like in July and August ! My sister lives in Ojai, where the summers are notoriously hot. We would always head to Ventura, where the ocean breezes cooled things off by at least 20 degrees.

We've not hit triple digits yet here in Florida but our daytime temps have been in the 90's and I've already started making pitches of lemonade. :)

Yes indeed, with those temps, outdoor cooking is a must. The Tex Mex turkey burgers sound good and look good.

Almost Precious said...

Meeling - no I'm not really pitching lemonade - but I have made pitchers of the stuff. :D

Kelly said...

Those burgers look really good! Triple digits! That's crazy! It's like 50 degrees here today...can't we have a happy medium? :)

Additionsstyle said...

I hope you had a great weekend and your turkey burgers turned out as good as they looked.
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