Friday, September 28, 2012

My Own Personal Mini

 Art is a very personal thing.
Something either speaks to you or it doesn't.
Sometimes it makes sense why you are attracted to a certain style,
other times, maybe it's the color or where you saw the piece.

I have a couple of art pieces that were bought on vacation,
 and looking at them always reminds me of that holiday.
One of my favorites is an original street painting picked up 
while strolling through one of Rome's piazzas.
It always makes me reminisce on that afternoon with my husband.

A while back during a browsing session on etsy 
I came across this great little shop called tush tush.
Tali's work is fun and vibrant.
 To me it has an old world quality to it.
It spoke to me.

This piece in particular...

Kindergarten mini canvas

 I work with preschoolers, and though obviously not any of the students in my class,
there was a certain feeling that it evoked that was familiar and happy.
So yesterday my own personal happy mini arrived.

Do you have a favorite art piece?

Stop by Tali's shop and see what she has to offer,
 maybe you'll see something that speaks to you.

Remember you still a couple more days to enter my
Make sure you stop by!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog Birthday Bash


The Hairy Peach is 2 years old!
Over these past couple of years, I've met some amazing people in the blogging community.
I've even had the chance to meet some fellow bloggers in person!
It's been a very fun journey so far.

I've eaten a lot of food,
(that seems to be a continuing theme with me)
and gone on some fantastic adventures this past year.
Remember the eels!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers, 
the ones who have been with me from the very first post and 
those that have joined in along the way.
I'm so glad you're here!

I read all your comments and emails and look forward to each and everyone of them.
Thank you for your continued inspiration and support!

I wanted to do something to show you my appreciation,
so I've teamed up with some great etsy shops and have some fantastic
presents to give you!

From left to right:

Art Deco Rose Tea Towel from Lulu and Luca
Mustache Mug from The Beautiful Home
Linen Storage Container from Twig Prints
Retro Kitchen Greeting Card Set from CDesign Illustration

Here's a closer look at all the wonderful prizes!!

Linen Storage Container
Twig Prints

Retro Kitchen Greeting Card Set
CDesign Illustration

Mustache Mug
The Beautiful Home

Art Deco Rose Tea Towel



4 prizes means 4 winners!! 

 { Mandatory Entry }

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing about birthdays { +1 }

{ Additional Entries }

Like The Hairy Peach on facebook { +1 }

Favorite any of the 4 featured etsy shops 
{ +1 for each - that's 4 possible entries!! }

Give this giveaway a shout out on facebook, twitter or your blog
{ +1 each }

The more you enter the more chances you have to win!

* Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry and 
 don't forget to include contact information *

I want to thank all these fabulous etsy shops for teaming up with me in this great giveaway!!
Please take a minute to visit their facebook & web pages. 

{ Bonus Entries }
{ +1 extra entry for each facebook that you like }

CDesigns And Illustrations

 * Where applicable, color of prize will be winner's choice - 
limited to stock on hand when giveaway closes *
Good Luck!! 


Giveaway ends September 30th
10 pm Pacific Standard Time.
*Any comments received after this time will not be eligible*  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Forget The Maps And The Martinis

Slightly eccentric is how one might describe 
Mame Dennis, better known and loved the world over as
Auntie Mame.
I always wished for an aunt just like her - how divine it would have been!

When first published in 1955, Patrick Dennis’ Auntie Mame sold over two million copies and stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 112 weeks! 
It was first made into a play, and then a movie starring Rosalind Russell.  
The movie is one that I've watched more times than I can count since I was a child,
but can you believe that I've never read the book?
Shame on me!!!

Well, no more... 
A fresh copy has arrived on my doorstep and I'll be devouring it this week!

I can't wait to get started.
I predict a whole lot of laughter in my future!

Do you have a favorite book or movie that you go back to time and time again?


Happy Monday and make sure you pop back later this week for my
2nd Blog Birthday!
I've got some fabulous giveaways coming your way!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Bowl of Soup and My Thermals

While we've been  
it's actually more like
in near to or over 100 degree temperatures every day, 
soup has been the farthest thing from my mind or my menu.

Last week out of the blue there came upon us a glorious day of cool.
Well, truthfully it was in the 70's, but it poured
ok, actually it was more of a sprinkle.
But, hey living in Southern California, you take what you can get!

I'd had this recipe on one of my Pinterest boards just waiting to be whipped up.
So a temperature drop below melting was enough for me.
A wonderful thing...
bacon, beer, cheese, spicy jalapenos and oh did I mention cheese?

It was soooooooo good!
Just creamy enough.
(I accidentally tipped the whole container of whipping cream into the pot - wink, wink)
Smoky bacon, spicy peppers, fresh thyme from the garden and a dark beer simmered to perfection.
Yes, please!

Now if the mercury would just drop again, to say a balmy 80 degrees,
I'll be digging out my thermals.

Linking up today with
the Thursday
Eat. Make. Grow. Blog Hop
Hop on over and see what everyone has been cooking up!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Week

This is me...

Ok, not really - I mean I know it's Spongebob, 
but it's how I feel!!

My week thus far...

Dogs dig in mud - on freshly cleaned and newly planted side yard.
Garage door wouldn't close - and I'm already running a little behind for work.
Hot water heater goes out!
Husband fixes! 
Microwave comes back after more than 2 weeks out for repair!
Dishwasher breaks and repairman doesn't have the correct part...
Now the dishwasher is gone.
Hot water heater goes out again!!
Gas company comes and fixes it.
Yay, again!
Next water heater goes out again.
Gas company comes back and fixes it yet again.
Yay...I think?!
Then this morning we woke up to cold showers!!
I mean...come on...are you kidding me?
I'm done!!

I sure hope your week is shaping up better than mine!!
Happy Thursday...I think!


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