Thursday, April 26, 2012

History, Harrods & Hyde Park

London is filled with such great history,
 and we made sure to take in as much as we could.
I had the privilege of visiting Westminster Abbey many years ago,
and was so excited to be back again with my son.

It is truly an amazing place.
I think it's one of my favorite European churches that I've visited.
My son was amazed at the architecture and the sheer size.
You feel humbled somehow stepping across the threshold.

A short walk from Westminster taking in the sights took us to the 
This was a fascinating visit, and while I don't have pictures to share here,
if you are ever in London make sure and take the time to stop in.
It truly gave you a sense of what war time would have been like.
You step back in history, not something we often have the chance to do.

After that it was on to
Their food halls are any foodies dream!!

We wandered and looked and drooled!!
We sampled some delicious chocolates, chutney and sweets.
I honestly didn't know where to look next.
There was an entire section that was bigger than my local grocery store's meat department,
devoted just to foie gras!
We bought some wonderful sandwiches and enjoyed a little picnic lunch.
I came home with a few delectable goodies, including some wonderful honey.

Then it was off to Hyde Park and a bike ride!
Of course the one day we choose to ride bikes...London poured down on us!!
Oh well, somehow it made for a perfect afternoon.
Laughing, biking and looking rather like drowned rats when we were done!

It was a packed day, but we had a blast.

One more London adventure to come...
 Portobello Road, Gelato and Eels!!
Don't miss hearing about that one!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Adventure Continues...

I left you at burgers...and delicious ones they were!
But London had so much more to offer.

You surely can't visit this city without some history lessons.
The Tower Of London is a must for all the blood & gore of England's history!

All that learning made us hungry!
We happened upon this next meal quite by accident.
We were on a bus taking in the sights and saw what we thought would be a great pub for lunch.
Not knowing when the bus would stop next we asked the driver where the next stop was.
We were at a red light, so he opened the door and said you can get off right here!
After much laughter jumping off in the middle of who knows where, 
we found our way to The Albert

A great place indeed - full of history!
The interior was everything you'd expect in an old Victorian pub.
And the best part...
Fish & chips and mushy peas...a favorite!!

It was a day filled with history, great sights, lots of laughter and a memorable meal!

Next time...a little more history, Harrods and Hyde Park

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Fast Paced City

 We are back!!
So where did we go?
After many long hours spent flying,

My son & I landed in...

It was just the two of us, off on an adventure.
An early 16th birthday adventure to be exact!

London is a city for the senses.
It is fast paced, yet somehow in the hustle and bustle,
 there is certain ebb & flow....a rhythm to it all.

The tube was a learning experience for Indiana, 
but he soon became quite the expert,
 learning to stand on the right whilst Londoners rushed passed on the left!
Planning out our journey for the next destination.
"Piccadilly line to King's Cross, switch to Northern Line mom then 2 stops to Camden Town", 
he had our routes down pat!!

A double decker bus tour provided a great view of London's landmarks!

And of course because you have to eat when you are on vacation...
Our first meal was a teenage favorite...Burgers!!

  And a proper burger it was!!
Byron burgers in Camden...delicious!
Fresh Scottish beef, simply prepared to let the natural flavor shine through.
Chips with the skin on and a great atmosphere.
What a welcome first meal to start our British adventure!

Lots more food and sights to come...


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