Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Do you ever see a piece of art that moves you somehow?
Maybe triggers a memory or a wish?

I saw this print by the immensely pleasant Clare of
on etsy a while back and it did just that.

I spent my summer's growing up in Canada, 
going the lake, playing outside in the water and on the shores edge,
hiking through the forests with my grandparents.
When I saw this print, it immediately transported me back.
Memories are funny that way...a sound, a smell, 
the slightest invocation and suddenly you are there again.

I've had it in my favorites list for quite some time,
 as I couldn't figure out exactly where I would put it.
Well a recent rearranging of our master bedroom has opened up the perfect spot!
So I ordered it and now it's on it's way...I can't wait to get it!!

What's been tickling your fancy this week?

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Happy Tuesday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Weekend

It's been a crazy week!
The cold and flu have been circulating around the school I work at like wildfire!!
It finally caught up with me last week and I was down for the count.
Thankfully after a couple days rest it passed quickly, 
but unfortunately it passed to my son.
He's better now and I hope we've seen the last of those germs around here!
Let's just say it's been one of those weeks!!

So this is my big plan for the weekend...

What about you...what are you up to this weekend?

Whatever it is...
Wishing you a wonderful and happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cup Of Love

May your day be sunny and bright,
spent with the ones you hold dear.

Here's to a cup filled to the brim with love!!

 Lucky Jackson

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Noodle Bowl Love

Lately I've been seeing recipes for 
noodle bowls everywhere,
and I'm kinda hooked on making them.

We made this one last week and it was really good.
The green tea soba noodles were very different texturally but
the broth with the jasmine tea was outstanding!

Quite often I just make up my own version.
You can use any kind of noodle, even the little ramen packages work well, 
though udon tends to be a favorite in our house.
A lively broth, tons of vegetables like;
bok choy, carrots, baby corn, straw mushrooms...
You can add tofu, chicken or beef...there really is no right or wrong way to do it.
Top with fresh chopped scallions and cilantro, chopped peanuts, even hard boiled eggs,
and add some Sriracha if you like a little heat.
It's a great warming meal on a cold night!

Now for the perfect serving vessel...

  Isn't it beautiful?!?!
It even fits your chopsticks perfectly!

I came across 
on etsy the other day and was completely taken by the beauty of her work.

Her painting is so intricate, so beautiful...
what a gorgeous way to serve up a delicious meal.

If it's possible...I think I'm in love with a noodle bowl!

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Happy Tuesday!


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