Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've had this post waiting in the wings for some time.
Now I'm happy to finally bring it on stage for you!

I came across this brand of yogurt or yoghurt or however you'd like to spell it, 
a while back and fell instantly in love.... I mean really in love!

Have you seen noosa yoghurt ?

 It was at my local market and being a good consumer
ok, well actually just a sucker for trying something new, I bought one.
I opened it and was instantly taken in by the rich creaminess, 
the kind of but not quite Greek yogurt texture and the bursting fresh fruit flavor.
Yes, I know that's a super dorky word, but that's what it is, pure & simple.
It's gloriously rich in flavor, but not at all heavy.

There are a multitude of deliciously fresh flavors and I've tried them all but mango,
which mysteriously is always out of stock when I shop.
I have a feeling my grocer is hiding out back eating them all!
 They say happy cows come from California,
but I live in California and I've never tasted a local yogurt that tastes like this.
So, I think the really blissful cows are hanging out in Colorado, where this lusciousness is made.

So "noosa" you ask?
It's actually a place in Australia, over on the Sunshine Coast.
The yoghurt recipe hails from Down Under but traveled Stateside and is made in Colorado.

So why did I hold out on you and not share?
When I had originally found it, they were really new and their website consisted of, 
well nothing but a homepage with virtually no information. 
Not exactly much for me to share with you.
But no more!

has been updated and is filled with all kinds of information.
The who, the where, the get the idea.

So have you Noosa'd?


Almost Precious said...

I'm a yogurt fan (no matter how it is spelt) and this new brand sounds really tempting. I will have to look around my area to see if it is available in any of my supermarkets.

Mango is seasonal, I used to purchase a specific brand of ice cream that had wonderful chunks of sweet, flavorful mangos in it. And then it disappeared, when I found it again and purchased one, the mango chunks were hard and tasteless. :(

Annette said...

I have not seen this in my area, but I will keep an eye out. You have a way of describing food that makes me want to try it!!

lisaroyhandbags said...

mmm this sounds delicious! I'm going to keep my eye out for it here too since we do get some unusual brands here in Dubai once in a while (lots of Aussie stuff). :)

Additionsstyle said...

I usually buy plain yogurt and add my own fruit and flavors, but this sounds really good. I have not seen it at my local grocery store, but I'm going to check out the website. Thanks for sharing.
Everyday Inspired

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

It sounds so delish :)

And looks so cool in the container :)

I'd have to take a lot of lactaid to eat that though :(

Have a lovely Sunday, cheers, T. :)

Sonya Kanelstrand said...

Mmm, that sounds tasty! I have never even tried yogurt from Down Under and I am really curious about the taste.


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