Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Week

This is me...

Ok, not really - I mean I know it's Spongebob, 
but it's how I feel!!

My week thus far...

Dogs dig in mud - on freshly cleaned and newly planted side yard.
Garage door wouldn't close - and I'm already running a little behind for work.
Hot water heater goes out!
Husband fixes! 
Microwave comes back after more than 2 weeks out for repair!
Dishwasher breaks and repairman doesn't have the correct part...
Now the dishwasher is gone.
Hot water heater goes out again!!
Gas company comes and fixes it.
Yay, again!
Next water heater goes out again.
Gas company comes back and fixes it yet again.
Yay...I think?!
Then this morning we woke up to cold showers!!
I mean...come on...are you kidding me?
I'm done!!

I sure hope your week is shaping up better than mine!!
Happy Thursday...I think!


Kelly said...

Oh no! It's been crazy town over here, too. I was going to post about it...maybe I will get to it. Hope your hot water heater comes back to life!

Annette Beanland said...

I feel for you, Meeling! One appliance going out is bad enough. I hope everything is fixed sooner rather than later. XO

Additionsstyle said...
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Additionsstyle said...

I hope things work out with your water heater. I know how you feel, ours died recently and we had to put in a new one :( but it is nice to have hot water again :) I hope your week gets better and that you have a fantastic weekend!
Everyday Inspired

PS. I think the Sponge Bob photo is great!

lisaroyhandbags said...

You've had quite the week! Why is it that everything happens at once? Our hot water heater leaked last summer but getting it fixed here in Dubai is a challenge to say the least. We were without hot water for over 2 weeks with repair guys that couldn't speak english - we had no idea what was going on! Here's hoping next week is better for you! xo

Rebecca said...

Yikes!! Hope your rowdy appliances are working perfectly again soon!

p.s. loved your dress post - you looked fabulous!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!
Meadowview Vintage

Almost Precious said...

Oh my, talk about "the week from hell" ! What a roller coaster ride !

I haven't figured it out but for some reason when one appliance acts up, so do several others. Could it be an appliance conspiracy ? They gang up to drive us crazy?

Well I hope this is the end of it and that your appliances will be well behaved from now on. As for the dogs and the newly planted garden, well all I can say is, sorry. Unfortunately dogs like to dig it's embedded into their instincts. : /

Handmade in Israel said...

Oh dear... I hope things get better soon. I actually enjoy cold showers - but only when it's so warm over here!!!

Sonya Kanelstrand said...

Hey, that even sounds fun! Surely your life has been dynamic and has let you change your point of view! Hugs, hope you are keeping your sanity!

Pearl said...

Hope your weekend made up for it!


T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Oh that sounds terrible, I think I would be rather grumpy with the gas company :(

Hope this week is better :)

Cheers, T. :)


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