Friday, September 28, 2012

My Own Personal Mini

 Art is a very personal thing.
Something either speaks to you or it doesn't.
Sometimes it makes sense why you are attracted to a certain style,
other times, maybe it's the color or where you saw the piece.

I have a couple of art pieces that were bought on vacation,
 and looking at them always reminds me of that holiday.
One of my favorites is an original street painting picked up 
while strolling through one of Rome's piazzas.
It always makes me reminisce on that afternoon with my husband.

A while back during a browsing session on etsy 
I came across this great little shop called tush tush.
Tali's work is fun and vibrant.
 To me it has an old world quality to it.
It spoke to me.

This piece in particular...

Kindergarten mini canvas

 I work with preschoolers, and though obviously not any of the students in my class,
there was a certain feeling that it evoked that was familiar and happy.
So yesterday my own personal happy mini arrived.

Do you have a favorite art piece?

Stop by Tali's shop and see what she has to offer,
 maybe you'll see something that speaks to you.

Remember you still a couple more days to enter my
Make sure you stop by!


Annette said...

What a sweet piece! And what a phenomenal artist.
When we visited Charleston, SC, I fell in love with the iron gates that were everywhere. We picked up 4 drawings by a local artist of some of those gates and I just love them!

Additionsstyle said...

Her work is so sweet. What amazing pieces, how could you not be drawn to them. Thanks for sharing.
Everyday Inspired

Elizabeth Aley said...

These are lovely paintings. Funny how certain pieces of art remind you of experiences or people you love.

One of my favorite painting was a gift from my Uncle Tom. He painted a lovely landscape & gave it to me before he died. It will always remind me of him. It is such a treasure.

Hope you are well,

Almost Precious said...

Wonderful pieces of art. Her colors are clear and vibrant and she manages to capture the personality of her subjects.
I see that she was an etsy featured artist - a very well deserved acknowledgment of her talent.

Frannie said...

What a lovely work of art. Yes, her art is lovely. Many of her paintings transform me to another time and place.

My favorite piece of art is from my daughter many years ago. A watercolor...just a flower on a small canvas.



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