Monday, January 30, 2012

A CUT Above

Have you ever had one of those meals that you know you won't forget?
I recently did and I'm here to share it with you.

We were in Las Vegas for my husband's work and had the opportunity to eat at
by Wolfgang Puck.

From the moment you stepped in the door, you knew it was going to be good.
Friendly, professional staff that were very attentive, yet not pretentious in the least.
We were seated in a roomy booth near the center of the restaurant, 
complete with throw cushions to get really comfortable.
Our server was prompt and very helpful.
We were handed the drink menu on an ipad...what a fun way of choosing your beverage!

I had the Aviation Violette, so delicious with Creme Yvette and Luxardo.
Chad had a drink called Pavlov's Dog, tangy & refreshing with grapefruit juice.

Choosing from their extensive menu was a challenge, everything sounded wonderful!

I started with the 
Bone Marrow Dumplings in Oxtail Bouillion with Chive Blossoms.
I savored each and every bite.
The cannelle shaped dumplings were creamy polenta-esque 
flavored morsels that literally melted in your mouth...I have never tasted anything quite like it.
Gently seated in an under salted broth, that was poured table side,
let their immense flavor shine through.

(I'm afraid my photos don't do it justice-the lighting was low in the restaurant and 
I didn't want my flash going off disturbing other diners)

Chad had the equally beautiful and delicious
Bone Marrow Flan with Mushroom Marmalade, earthy yet refined at the same time.

CUT specializes in beef and lots of it!
I chose a 35 day aged Petite New York...the flavor was incredible.
Chad went for the Wagyu Filet, flown in from Australia.
There are  no words to describe the flavor...I had to sneak a little bite.
So tender, it tasted like it was injected with olive oil, so buttery and rich.
Absolutely phenomenal!
Their steaks are grilled over hardwood and then finished under a 1200 degree broiler!
This creates a crust on the exterior of the steak and leaves the inside beautifully pink & juicy.
It is finished simply with french sea salt...and trust me, that's all it needs.
They served a shallot-red wine sauce on the side which was delectable, but hardly necessary.

We finished the meal with a dark chocolate whiskey cake,
complemented with a side of buttterscotch gelato.
No words necessary!

It was such a lovely evening,
and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it.

My only complaint, and it certainly isn't with the food or the service,
was the lack of enforcing a dress code.
This is an upscale restaurant and to me you should be dressed appropriately to your surroundings.
There was a couple sitting a few booths down that were dressed so casual, you would have thought they were going to the burger joint on the corner.
I'm talking velour track pants and a graffiti design Ed Hardy shirt.
I mean...really?!?!
Maybe I'm old fashioned but that hardly seemed befitting to the restaurant's caliber.

It was a splurge of an evening, not soon to be forgotten.

What's your best meal that you've ever eaten?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Mother Nature

 I'm always looking for healthy, quick and easy snacks.
I take them to work, keep some in the car for those late soccer practices,
or to curb that mid afternoon craving at work.

Especially after the Holiday season and the extra eating I did, 
I'm trying to make a conscious effort to grab something healthy.

A while back, I came across 
Sweet Mother Nature
on etsy and all their delicious snacks.

Matt & Sheryl were nice enough to send me a sampler pack to try out some of their
dried fruits and wonderful fruit leathers.
They were awesome!
The fruit leathers were just sweet enough, no added anything, so the fruit was the star.
My absolute favorite though...
dehydrated watermelon!!
I couldn't stop eating it...Yum!

Matt & Sheryl live in Upstate NY and are interested in long term ‘self sufficiency’ in the form of making their own energy, and eventually having their own food sources. 
The Amish and other natural farmers are prevalent in this area of NY 
so they have a great resource for much of their fruit. 

So nice to see people doing such positive things with our wonderful natural resources!

Sheryl does most of the creating and comes up with the greatest combos. 
She also loves to pick the berries and fruits from local farmers. 

Currently they sell at Farmer’s Markets, Craft Fairs, Church Bazaars and of course, on etsy.

has been nice enough to extend a special code to my blog readers.
Use the code
to save 5% on any order placed before February 10th!

A special thank you to
Sweet Mother Nature 
for giving me the opportunity to sample your awesome products
and to share them with my readers!!

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Happy Tuesday!


Monday, January 16, 2012

The Urban Goat

My husband has been wanting to try making homemade cheese for a while, 
so when I read about these great DIY Cheese Kits, I knew I had to get him one.

 has a wonderful etsy shop 
with all the necessities to make cheese at home.
 Everything you need except the milk comes packaged in a cute little box!

Add some fresh goats milk...

Follow the easy directions, adding a little of this and that...

And not too long after...we had goat cheese!
It was tangy and unbelievably fresh tasting.
We spread it on a baguette, 
drizzled a little olive oil over top, cracked some fresh pepper,
and we had a wonderful little appetizer with a glass of wine.

We were very pleased with our first attempt.
While we got a rather small yield,
(professional cheese makers we are not just yet)
the kit comes with enough supplies to make about 10 batches, 
so we get to practice a few more times, 
giving us plenty of time to perfect the techniques.

It was a fun project together in the kitchen,
and always rewarding to sit down & enjoy something that you've prepared yourself.

was very friendly and helpful,
and super prompt at answering my questions.

She also has kits for many other kinds of cheeses, so make sure and pop by her
etsy shop to check it out!

What's your favorite kind of cheese?


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Monday, January 9, 2012

Before The Crazy Week

 I'm late, I'm late,
I feel like the white rabbit...
but seriously
Happy New Year!!

This was a post planned for just after New Years and then my crazy week hit!
My husband ended up having an emergency appendectomy last week.
Thankfully he's ok...the most important part of it all, 
but after a few days in the hospital and a few resting at home, 
today life is just kind of getting back to normal.

First off a BIG thank you to those that sent emails and facebook messages...
I appreciated your thoughts and comments more than you know.

We did manage to spend a lovely New Years Eve at home, before all the craziness arrived and I wanted to share a couple yummy recipes from our evening.

These were divine!
Worth the extra effort of marinating the steak overnight and the homemade horseradish cream...
Let's just say I won't ever be buying store bought horseradish again.
It was incredible!!
So fresh and vibrant...they were devoured!!

And then this sweet little number...

Crunchy, airy lightness from the pistachio meringue,
and then the lightest, fluffiest, just a hint of sweetness mousse you can imagine, 
made with my new Whip-It that my husband got  me for Christmas.
Delectable and so much fun!!

 It was a little disheartening to see when I logged in today that I'd dropped a few followers.
Posts not frequent enough lately?
Hit a nerve with someone?
I'll probably never know.

Oh well...
I love blogging,
but I have a life, a family and above all they are what my world is about.

I sincerely thank those out there that understand that,
and through this past year have become friends.



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