Friday, December 30, 2011

Recipes & Gadgets

After many technical difficulties,
our computer has finally rejoined the living!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday.
Ours was filled with lots of laughter, visits with family and of course food!!

I wanted to share a couple of Holiday highlights with you.
I opted this year to go a little out of the box with our Christmas Eve meal
and stay away from the more traditional turkey or roast.

I chose duck!
Duck breast to be exact.
Complete with a fig sauce, a heavenly duck fat potato gratin and asparagus.
Inspired from here, but as always tweaked a little by me.

It was incredible!
People often think of duck as fatty and heavy,
but if you render the fat off and then crisp up the skin,
what you are left with is this amazing flavor.
The figs and brandy in the sauce balanced the richness beautifully.
My kids, who at first were "you're making what!?!?"...
went back for seconds!

I wanted a hearty potato dish to stand up the rich duck 
and knew I had found it when I saw this recipe made with duck fat and demi-glace!!
Easy to make and so delicious!
The thyme added a subtle freshness to a very substantial dish.

I was very happy with the meal and love to see my kids exposed to new foods.

Now for the gadgets!!
My husband knowing how much I love to cook got me this...

The spiffy All-Clad Slow Cooker that
lets you go from stove top to slow cooker and even in to the oven!!
I love it!
I've already used a few times...
and what an upgrade from my 15 year old crockpot I was using!

And then this...

The Whip-It whip cream dispenser.
Oooohhh...I can't tell you how excited I am about this one!!
I see them used all the time on the cooking shows and now there's one in my kitchen!!
You can make flavored whipping creams, sauces, foams...endless possiblities!
I've picked out our New Years Eve dessert tomorrow based on using this gadget.
More to come on that soon...

So that's my recipe and gadget share!!
What yummy things have you eaten lately?
Any fun things under your tree?

I'd love to hear about them!

I'm glad to be back and wish each and every one of you a very
Happy New Year!!


Annette said...

I like duck and I bet it is just divine with that fig sauce! That slow cooker sounds like a dream. I hope you'll be sharing some of the recipes you try in it!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Food looks so delicious! :)

I have never owned a crock pot, (I know you must think I'm crazy, all the gadgets I do not have) I do love my all-clad pots and pans though and the slow cooker looks like a wonderful addition! :)

Glad your comp. is feeling better :)

Happy New Year, my dear! :) T.

Almost Precious said...

Hi Meeling a very Happy New Year to both you and yours.

Glad to see you've got the PC problems all worked out and are back online. :) (I'm still fighting with blogger and have no idea why something that was working perfectly fine for over 3 years has, all at once, stopped working ... that's technology for you - LOL)

Your holiday feast looks divine and I'm sure it will be long remembered by all who sat at your table ... also it was a gorgeous presentation !

Love your new crock-pot. I've been wanting the one they advertize on TV that has the locking lid so nothing spills when it is transported. Yes, we seem to transport stuff in our old crock-pot quite often and we've had a number of spills along the way.

Again a very Happy New Year to you and may it be blessed with good health for you all and rich with happiness and prosperity. Hugs - Anna

lisaroyhandbags said...

Your duck looks scrumptious! And who doesn't love some amazing kitchen gadgets? Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year and all the best for an awesome 2012! And my heartfelt thanks for your sweet comments and friendship this year xo

Sarah B. said...

I LOVE duck!! How yummy! And those kitchen gadgets look way cool :)

Marisa Hopkins said...

Happy New Year!!!

Oh man, I've never loved duck, because I've only ever had it when it was super fatty - but that sounds incredible!! YUM!

We've had many yummy things - mostly in appetizer form. Anything baked in phyllo is my WEAKNESS :D

Kelly said...

Yum! What a feast! That slow cooker looks amazing, we have a crock pot, but that looks awesome!

My Life Under the Bus said...

OMG I love duck - haven't had it in years - this looks delicious!

Additionsstyle said...

Your meal sounds amazing!! I have only had duck once and it was wonderful. I have never thought about cooking it, but maybe one day.

Your new gadgets look like fun, that slow cooker sounds really cool. I got all new stainless steel cookware and I am loving them.

Happy New Year!
Everyday Inspired

Rebecca said...

Oh my your duck dinner looked absolutely delicious! What a fabulous idea!

That All-Clad cooker is a good one - I like the idea of being able to go from the cook top right to the slow cooker without having to use another pan.

So glad to hear that your tech problems are a thing of Christmas past ;-) Looking forward to more food and fun in the New Year!

Kanelstrand said...

Happy New Year, Meeling!
Having duck for Christmas sounds like a great challenge for the chef in charge but looking at the photo you made it perfect!

And thyme - my husband's all time favorite spice - he can add it to any meal, even fried eggs :)

And your new gadgets... ah the slow cooker!

I wish you a consistent and exciting 2012! Can't wait for your first post of the new year!

ana said...

that duck looks amazing!! :) whipped cream makes me want to gag - but the gadget does seem pretty neat. ;)

& happy new year!


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