Monday, September 26, 2011

The Gift of A Fall Meal

I love Fall.
There is a certain crispness to the evening air and 
the foliage starts showing off some lovely colors.

To me it also means soups and stews, maybe some chili.
I love Fall cooking.
I turn to different spices and flavor profiles and 
it's a welcome change from the lighter, less hearty Summer fare that we usually consume.

I was given the most wonderful basket of fresh vegetables from a friend last week,
and having some beautiful ripe tomatoes from my own garden, 
my thoughts instantly turned to a ratatouille.

I was inspired by this recipe from Food & Wine.

I made a few changes, like the addition of fresh thyme to the goat cheese butter and 
some allspice to the ratatouille.

The results...a wonderful Fall meal.

The gentle saute brought out the natural sweetness of the vegetables and 
the allspice added a certain warmth to each bite.
The sapid goat cheese was a perfect match to contrast the vegetables.

It was a simple, colorful meal, accompanied with a glass of wine.
As we sat in the backyard with the sun going down, it just felt like the
ideal marriage to the crisp Fall evening.

Happy Fall!

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lisaroyhandbags said...

mmm this looks delicious! Despite the 104F temps still here in Dubai, I can't help but think of comfort foods for fall :)

Additionsstyle said...

Wow, that looks good. I love fall too, and your right it is the best time of the year for fun things to cook.
Everyday Inspired

Kelly said...

Yum! That looks delicious! Now I'm in the mood for goat cheese on toast.

Almost Precious said...

Thank looks so good. For some reason just lightly grilling or sautéing veggies really brings out their flavors.

Denise from Beaded Embellishments said...

Looks wonderful Meeling,
We have been enjoying an especially warm Fall so far. 26 degrees today way up here in Canada! (lol)I'm thinking of making a chili sometime this week? Do you have any good recipes I could try out? *winks*

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

That looks so good! I just love everything about Fall!!!

Kanelstrand said...

Mmmm, I can smell it!

Yes, I love how Autumn helps us adjust to a different style of eating. I am still not ready to leave the grapes and all the wonderful fruits of late Summer but I have also reverted to some more serious dishes.

I am truly loving your photos today! Inspiring!

rebecca said...

Hmmm ratatouille... I've never been a big fan of eggplant but I loved the movie ;-)

Your version looks and sounds wonderful, maybe I should give it another try.

My Life Under the Bus said...

OMG I would eat that for breakfast right now! It looks fantabulous!!!

Balvinder ( Neetu) said...


Annette said...

Looks and sounds delicious! I made my first casserole type of comfort food last night. It was time!

Melissa {AllSewnUp} said...

you had me at goat cheese!

Sarah B. said...

Wow... I love how colorful and fresh it all looks :)

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

This looks absolutely delicious. I love fall too & all the comfort food it brings.

I love how healthy this option is.

Glad to have 'found' your blog.

Sandra Monat said...

Gosh, this looks so delicious, yumm yumm


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