Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Back...Kind Of

So we're back from an absolutely lovely coastal getaway!
We couldn't have asked for nicer was oceanic perfection!
I had a fantastic post planned with photos and the delicious food we ate,
and then I remembered...
I have jury duty!!!
Nothing like coming back to reality.

So I figured I'd leave you with this...
If you missed this post about the latest nasty commercial from Axe,
check it out, and then here is their response to my letter.

From: "" <>
Subject: Axe Consumer Services Case #: 8590055
Hello Meeling,

Thank you for writing to us.

We do apologize for the experience you reported concerning the Axe commercial.
You may be interested to know that all of our commercials and advertisements are pre-tested and various techniques are used to evaluate consumer reactions. Based on the results of our pre-testing procedures, the presentations are chosen for their majority appeal.

We certainly do not wish to offend anyone. In developing product messages, Unilever and its agencies may not always anticipate all possible implications of an advertisement or television commercial.

We have a long history of presenting "tasteful" advertising to the public. Our ads must be informative and truthful. The agencies creating our advertising adhere strictly to these guidelines.

Please let us assure you that your comments are extremely important to us in evaluating the success of our commercials and advertisements.

Your friends at Axe

Ok, so "tasteful"...hmmm, not in my books and certainly not in any of my blog readers.
They clearly didn't have any of us on their audience testing panel!!
I would certainly like to see more done, but I am glad they responded to my letter.

In the end it's their loss as it is now a product that I will no longer buy...period!

Well, I'm off to perform my civic duty and as soon as that's over 
I'll be back with more recipes, stories and pictures!

Happy Wednesday!


Almost Precious said...

Well their response was rather disheartening. I have a feeling that they had a number of young men in their late teens and early twenties view and evaluate that distasteful commercial.

Truly had to laugh at the paragraph in which they state that; "Our ads must be informative and truthful." I can find nothing truthful about their claim that if a guy uses Axe they'll be able to pick up any girl they want and in fact will have girls swooning over them. Yeah, right ! And in what way is it informative ? That if one use Axe they will become an irresponsible idiot ? :D

Well you're right, at least they sent a reply. Hopefully a lot of other people will flood them with letters similar to yours.

Additionsstyle said...

At least they responded.

I can't think of any of their commercials that are tasteful, but I think your right we are just not their target market.

I wish you a short and easy jury duty.
Everyday Inspired

thestoryofkat said...

What an unsatisfactory what world does the word "tasteful" apply to that commercial?!?

Glad you could have a nice getaway though and here's hoping that relaxed feeling follows you through jury duty!

Handmade in Israel said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures from your trip! Happy you had a fun time.

Kelly said...

oh brother, what a lame response! how is that ad truthful? unless the truth is that most young men are disgusting and promiscuous??? very upsetting.

Sarah B. said...

Very interesting response - they used a lot of words to say nothing in the end!

And good luck with jury duty!!!

lisaroyhandbags said...

So glad you're back and you had a lovely break.
I'm not overly impressed with their response - if they think that's tasteful, what can I say?
Good luck with jury duty - I've been lucky enough not to be called upon for that.
Happy Birthday to your guy :)


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