Friday, July 29, 2011


According to this painting the sea is thataway....

Hmmm....I think I shall heed it's call.
Yes, we are off...
up the coast for a few days.
Sand, surf, seashells and just kicking back.

I can't wait!!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and I'll see you next week 
with some great recipes and a fun giveaway coming soon!

If you haven't had a chance to leave your view on this post yet,
I'd still love to hear your thoughts...
I got a very interesting letter back from the company in response to the blog post!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Am I Old Fashioned?

This is not a post about food.
It is actually a rant!
Not something I normally do, but I guess I went and got me a bee in my bonnet!

Last night watching prime time television with my teenage son,
we had the utter misfortune to see this commercial...
twice actually.

Have you seen it?

I was utterly disgusted.
My 14 year son was too.
I have 2 teenage boys ages 13 & 14 who use Axe products.
They like the smell, their shower gel cleans great, 
their hair products work really well.

I mean, tell me, who exactly is the target audience with this commercial?
It seemed to me that it was trying to exculpate reckless behavior.
Get problem.
Sleep with a stranger you met at a big deal.
Get beat up and thrown out of a car...who cares.
Dress up like a pig and....!

All you have to do is have a shower the next morning 
with some Axe shower gel
and you're good to go!!
Clean slate.

I've already written Axe and given them a piece of my mind.

But I'm curious as to what you think...
Am I old fashioned?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Italian Dreaming

It was apparently fashionable, 
because everywhere I looked, everyone had one.
In the piazzas.
 At street and canal side restaurants.
These beautiful orange hued drinks.
In unassuming tumblers, in fancy goblets...
with ice and a slice of orange, the slightest effervescence barely visible.

I had to try one...

So sitting outside a tiny corner cafe in Venice,
down a narrow alley, over a canal and next to an imposing church...
I had my first taste of aperol.

It's not an easy taste to describe.
You get sweet orange with a hint of a familiar bitter citrus.
There are interesting herbal notes.
It's sweet but at the same time it's not.
And what the Italians do with it, is pure magic...

This is one of the most refreshing drinks I've ever had.
It's light, airy almost...truly a perfect aperitif!

So this week I made us one...
We sat in the backyard as the evening cooled,
and if but for a moment, when I closed my eyes...
I was back at that cozy Venice cafe. 
Listening to the rapid fire conversations float outside 
to our table through the open doors.
The sun peeking through the alley, warming my face.
Warm mozzarella melting in my panini.
Our contented conversation as we enjoyed a perfect day.

Italian dreaming...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

And The Oscar Goes To...

I remember the smell.
 Dust on the costumes.
The heat of the lights.
Quiet tiptoes across the wooden stage.
The giggles backstage.
Butterflies in my stomach.
The feeling of accomplishment. 
The sound of applause.

Drama class.
Sometimes it seems like yesterday the memories are so vivid.
There was a certain acceptance that went along with drama.
Skinny, fat, blonde, didn't matter.
We were all there for the same reason.
To express our creativity and to have fun.
But along with the fun...drama has a unique way of building self esteem.
Poise and discipline are taught in a setting that is relaxed yet structured.
You learn repetition and a sense of community.
Skills that prove will useful throughout life.

You may remember this post about an outgoing member of my family.
It was only a matter of time till drama found him.
For the last 5 weeks he has been involved with our local
community theatre
in their Summer workshop.
Last night we got a taste of what many weeks of hard work produces...

An outstanding performance of Mulan!
I've never seen a bunch of more energetic teenagers.
They sang their hearts out.
They danced.
They owned that stage.
They made the audience laugh and get goosebumps.
I was thoroughly impressed.

Dakota was Hong the Ancestor...complete with his long locks pinned up in a Chinese bun.
He declared that he felt "very manly" in his get-up!

As he walked tired and barefoot to the car last night...
I haven't seen a happier, prouder teen in a long time.

I hope that years from now he will remember...
The smell.
 Dust on the costumes.
The heat of the lights.
Quiet tiptoes across the wooden stage.
The giggles backstage.
Butterflies in his stomach.
The feeling of accomplishment. 
The sound of applause.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Orange Flowers

Tuesday is Back!!

And so is...

This week I have something special to share!
I enjoy writing my blog and I also follow a lot of great blogs out there.
Most mornings you will find me sitting at the kitchen computer,
coffee in hand catching up on all the latest out there in

So there I was going through my favorites and 
what do I come across but this!
I couldn't believe my very sweet.
Let me tell you it totally made my morning, 
the day seemed brighter and my cup of coffee tasted that much better.

Then just a couple of days ago guess what shows up in my mailbox...

This adorably wrapped little gift!

Of the most perfect orange flower favorite color!!

So this week, 
I'm just tickled that there are people like Denise out there in the world.
Thank you!!

Check out her pretty blog here
her lovely etsy shop here

Linking up with Sarah over at

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Floaty Crunchy Goodness

I hope that everyone enjoyed a fun and safe holiday weekend.
Good times over here in Southern California...
plenty of sunshine to go around and a 
plethora of scrumptious food too!

Crunch Burgers inspired here but kicked up a notch with
Miss Vickies Jalapeno chips...delicious!

Then for me...the new "go to" side dish is the 
Grilled Corn with Cilantro and Sesame.
I thought warm butter dripping down my chin was heaven...
this is heaven on steroids!
The warm corn releases the sesame oil in a way that I've never experienced before.
Rich and buttery with a certain warmth to the 
flavor profile that is hard to describe.
The cilantro is fresh and bright, the jalapeno lending just a hint of heat and then
the toasted sesame seeds sprinkled over top add a surprising texture
that is most welcoming.
I think I've found my new favorite summer food!

And then of course root beer floats...need I say more.
Bubbling soda and melting ice cream that create bubbles of frosty goodness.

I hope your Holiday weekend was overflowing with all things
delicious and summery!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Whether you celebrate with watching fireworks in the sky this 
4th of July weekend or 
maybe some delicious ones like these in your tummy...

With forecasts well over 100 degrees for the next few days,
 we will be trying to beat the heat here in Southern California.

I predict that my near future holds...

water balloons
root beer floats
bare feet
lazy days

Wishing you a safe and 
Happy 4th of July!


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