Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break Foodie

Spring Break!

It was last week,
and it was great.
No alarm clock...
morning coffee in my pj's,
little things that make you smile.

So I asked my boys,
pick something you want to do...
something fun.

They mulled it over and got back to me.
Can we go find a food truck for lunch?
Did I hear that right?

Food  = Fun!!
Big smile.

So we did a little searching and found one that
was going to be within reasonable traveling distance.

And it just happened to be the 
nom nom TRUCK!

They serve delicious
Vietnamese Bahn Mi.

Their truck is a fun bright green,
you can spot it from mile away.

We all decided on their combo,
a Bahn Mi sandwich and a lemongrass taco.

It smelled so good waiting for our order!

Lemongrass taco with pickled daikon and carrots,
fresh cilantro.

And then the Bahn Mi.
A simple combination of fantastic ingredients.
The sweet glazed pork, the pickled vegetables,
a little kick of heat and then that baguette.
Crunchy on the outside, a soft a chewy interior.
Each bite was a combination of well balanced exciting flavors.
We all loved them.

Then how lucky are we...
we spy an ice cream truck across the way.

And it wasn't just any ice cream truck.
It was
Cool Haus!
They have a fantastic concept.
Pick your fresh baked homemade cookie flavor.
Choose your ice cream flavor.
Then they make you a MONSTER size
ice cream sandwich!

Chocolate chip cookies with red velvet cake ice cream.

Chocolate chip cookies with Nutella toasted almond ice cream.

And then mine....

Sandwiched between two soft and chewy oatmeal cookies.

You know that scene from
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
where they roll
Violet out of the candy making room...
looking all round and plump like a blueberry?

That's what we all felt like after our ginormous lunch!

sweet ice cream
savory sandwiches filled with new flavors
giggling teenagers
stories and music on the drive
junior foodies in the making

one happy mom


Alely said...

when we go home to CA in june...we'll be driving down to So Cal and the nom nom truck is on my list of food trucks to find!

Tara said...

That sounds so good! We have nothing like this in Canada. When I think of a food truck, I think of the shiny aluminum truck that drives around to more industrial areas or construction sites, selling cold sandwiches. I want your food truck!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

OMG, those ice cream sandwiches look awesome and I hardly ever eat ice cream, now I have a craving :)

Portland seems to be a buzz these days with Food Wagons/carts/truck there is even a gluten free one.

That is wonderful that your Sons are so into fun food too.

Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

Almost Precious said...

What a wonderful and special luncheon and definitely one that will make for some fond memories. It was a laugh to hear that the ice cream & cookies truck was just across the street from the Nom Nom truck ... could it be that they plan it that way ? :D Great way to have one's main course and follow it with a tasty dessert.

My Life Under the Bus said...

We don't have anything this fabuloud either....*runs away crying* ....the pork sounds fantastic!...sigh.

Rebecca at Meadowview Vintage said...

I too wish we had your food trucks! I would be guilty of stalking that ice cream one.

Happy Frog and I said...

A nom nom truck sounds very cool! :-)

Emily@VitaNostra said...

I meant to tell you... when I was in ny this weekend and we were stuck inside on a rainy night, we ordered bahn mi for dinner! It was great.. but honestly, yours looks better :) Yum.

Marisa Hopkins said...

*drools all over keyboard*

I really have to remember not to read your blog when I'm starving. MAN do I want to eat cookie ice cream sandwiches now!!!

Amy- Ponderandstitch said...

Omg, I cannot believe those ice cream sandwiches!!! I want one immediately! They definitely don't have those trucks here. I would eat the first thing you showed, too, minus the cilantro. :D

OnePerfectDay said...

That sounded so good!
I envy you the vietnamese food more than the ice-cream. Though it did look tempting....

thestoryofkat said...

what a great idea, i am completely jealous!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a really fun day!
Those ice cream sandwiches look amazing - I think I am actually drooling ;) YUM!


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