Thursday, April 7, 2011

Olives and Sea Salt

If someone offered you olive oil and sea salt for dessert...
would you try it?

I first read about this dessert in 
Italy cookbook.

I did a double take when I read the page,
but I'm always up for trying something new so
we gave it a go and...
This dessert ranks up there with the best!

Simple and honest.
Truly fine ingredients...
showing what they are made of.

You will need:

Vanilla ice cream
Olive oil 
(A really good quality, grassy or fruity flavored one)
Sea Salt

That's it!

Sea Salt

Olive Oil

Drizzle olive oil over the ice cream and 
sprinkle with sea salt.

How does it taste?

It defies explanation...

It's sweet and salty,
rich from the olive oil.
It coats your tongue and
lingers on the palette in a seductive kind of way.
It tastes like being outside...
like the fruits of the earth.

It is addicting!

It is one of those flavor combinations
that you have to try to appreciate.
So go taste it...

You'll understand when you do.


My Life Under the Bus said...

I grew up with a girl who was from a very Italian family and for christmas they had oranges with olive oil and salt! A lot of the older men were known to salt their melon too! ( sounds dirty LOL!!!)

Tara said...

I have to admit, it isn't a combination I would be eager to try but you make it sound so delicious. Who knows?

ana said...

ooo. i must try this. :D looks so yummy, especially after your description.

Emily@VitaNostra said...

I would 100% try this! Fabulous description too!

Rebecca at Meadowview Vintage said...

I am definitely going to try this! I use olive oil, instead of butter, on everything else - so why not ice cream!

Have a great weekend Meeling!

Rachel J said...

I believe it, I once tried a Jamie Oliver recipe that was raviolis made out of red onions and balsamic vinegar--really weird but so good. I have never doubted him since!

Laura said...

Looks fantastic, I love that cookbook (but I think you already know that ).

Almost Precious said...

Strange combination but after your tantalizing description I am now most curious to give it a try.

Denise from Beaded Embellishments said...

Your description and photos make it sound delectable. I will have to give it a try!

Handmade in Israel said...

Wow, it sounds interesting. I think I'll give it a go after Passover is over.
Thanks for stopping by and your continued interest. I really appreciate it.

thestoryofkat said...

my eyebrows instinctively go up at this combination, ha, but i love the way you described it! all of a sudden i am hearing a lot about putting corse salt on desserts and am definitely intrigued!


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