Friday, March 11, 2011


Memories are funny...
they get triggered by sights, smells and foods.
They have a habit of just showing up
 on your doorstep unannounced.

I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents house
 growing up in Canada.
They were immigrants from The Netherlands,
and with them they brought a lot of home.
I grew up eating many Dutch foods and treats,
amongst them black salty licorice, 
and Beschuitje, sometimes also called 
rusks or crispbakes.
It is a twice baked bread.
They are round, light, airy and crumbly.

My grandmother always kept them in a blue delft jar.
I can picture it sitting on her counter.
Traditionally they are served as a breakfast food,
with butter and chocolate sprinkles 
known as chocoladehagel.

My grandparents lived in the country,
 and I would spend hours playing
 outdoors on their property.
When I would get tired or my 
Grandma just called me in, 
guess what was always waiting as a snack?
Beschuitje with dark chocolate sprinkles and a glass of milk!
It's one of many fond memories
 of time spent at their house.

I haven't eaten it in ages, let alone seen it.
We have a new international grocer in our area,
and being a cook, I had to check it out.
It's a fantastic market,
it will be leadin to many blogs about
recipes I couldn't attempt before because I
could never find the ingredients.
As I was wandering, what did I spy on a top shelf but
beschuitje and chocoladehagel!
I truly couldn't believe my eyes.
I had to stand on my tippy toes just to reach it,
and reach I did!

I came straight home,
took out two beschuitje, 
the butter and the box of sprinkles.
The smell as I opened the packages
brought back a rush of memories.

And the first bite...
That familiar airy crunch, the creamy butter and
 those rich chocolate sprinkles melting in my mouth.
I was back in my grandparents kitchen,
sitting at the table, legs dangling
 because my feet didn't touch the floor.
I was 6 years old again.

"Grandma, can I have just one more please?"


Sarah B. said...

How fun! I lived with a Dutch family for a year when I was in the 9th grade and they ate this stuff all the time ;). Glad you found access to this yumminess!

JooJoo said...

I know the feeling too! And it's amazing how smells can bring back memories...our brains are amazing designs :))

It's so great that you found the cookie! Now I want to try it too ^_^

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Additionsstyle said...

What a wonderful story! I am so glad you were able to find the cookies again, so you can relive those memories every time you open the bag and enjoy your snack.

Almost Precious said...

What a lovely memory. Thanks for sharing it with us, I truly enjoyed reading it.

Don't you just love it when you find one of those neat gourmet stores? :)

ana said...

what a lovely story! thanks for sharing. i think i could use one of those cookies!

Tara said...

That sounds like a really yummy snack. grandmothers are simply the best. Great post, Meeling. Glad you were able to rediscover those sprinkles.

Happy Frog and I said...

Hi Meeling, those cookies sound lovely and very delicious. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Aww what a great story!! this looks really yummy!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Meeling, that is wonderful. I LOVE these stories. I bet you were thrilled to find these and all the lovely memories flooding back.

One of my Son's is home for Spring Break (while the other one was on Tsunami alert on the Oregon Coast)and I just took him to our (Home from Home) local Tea Shop. The Lady Di British Store & Tea Room. At 19 he will still go out to tea with me, he loves it. He gets a traditional ploughmans lunch and I get my cucumber tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off. I feel so special and there would be a rebellion if I couldn't get them occasionally (He! He!)

Have a lovely Weekend and enjoy your Beschuitje cookies, T. :)

My Life Under the Bus said...

This just happened to me but I grew up surrounded by Italians ( I am Polish)! We have an amazing family owned market that just sprouted up and has all kinds of treats. I was recalling eating fried squash blossoms ( not in season yet) and then I saw them just sitting there in the display RICE BALLS. I almost fainted!!!Sounding deceptively simple it encompasses placing a piece of sausage in the center with a hunk of cheese - surrounding that with a rice cheese mixture and making it into about a 2 1/2 ball - covering that with bread crumbs and frying the whole thing - HEAVEN. My girl friends grandmother used to make them so we got them hot off the press. Those simple ingredients turn into a melty cheesey gooey ball of amazingness!!! I was in my happy place for sure!!!... ahhh memories : )

rebecca said...

What a great story!! I am not going to even attempt to figure out how to pronounce Beschuitje but it certainly sounds delicious. And how great is it that you can now share them with your own kids.
Hope you are having a great weekend enjoying your cookies and your memories!!

Handmade in Israel said...

What lovely memeories... and delicious ones too!
Thanks for stopping by. Get your huibbie to put in an order for one of my chef cards :)

Denise from Beaded Embellishments said...

What a sweet, heartwarming post Meeling. Isn't it lovely that certain things can trigger wonderful memories. Anyone who can incorporate chocolate into a breakfast food gets an A+ in my books! ;)

thestoryofkat said...

aw what a great memory! i love how much a scent or taste can bring back waves of little moments from days i thought i'd forgotten :) so nice you got to enjoy this!


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