Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let The Chips Fall Where They May

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Ok so when I said
"Let the chips fall where they may",
I really meant let them fall into my mouth.
Have you tried these?
They are so good!!
Roasted Garlic & Black Bean
Artisan Tostitos.

They have a great natural taste to them.
Wonderful on their own for snacking, with a little salsa,
 or I made nachos out of them...
a little leftover steak, sliced thinly and scattered over the top,
 some shredded cheese,
pop into a hot oven just till the cheese melts.
Freshly chopped cilantro when it came out
 and a little sour cream for dipping.
Check them out here at Frito Lay

Our son got this quesadilla maker for Christmas, 
but we are all loving it for a quick lunch or after school snack.
It hardly gets put away in the cabinet and it's back out
on the counter again...grilling up another tasty quesadilla.

This is definitely the new "go to" kitchen appliance in our house!

So it's been chips, salsa, quesadillas and sour cream this week!!

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lisaroyhandbags said...

mmm you're making me hungry! your nachos sound really good with the steak on them and I've never even seen a quesadilla maker! :)

Marisa Hopkins said...

*stomach grumbling* I love that quesadilla maker!! I must get one!! And now I'm starving for Mexican food...

My Life Under the Bus said...

Ok so I don't know if it's a full moon or what but I've been wanting both of those items. I was afraid to but the chips because they might be too garlicky but now I have to try them. .... and my oldest makes bean and cheese quesadillas everyday! I might get him the quesadilla maker for his birthday! Happy Tuesday!!!

Sarah B. said...

Wow... and now I'm hungry for lunch! Those chips look DELICIOUS! :) Thanks for linking up!

Almost Precious said...

Oh yes, those Tostitos Garlic and Black Bean chips are wonderful, we just finished off our first bag of them today for lunch.

You're a girl after my own heart, Mexican cuisine is always at the top of our list of favorite foods.

Rachel said...

My hubby would LOVE those chips! Gotta try them out! =)

Tara said...

We probably can't get those chips in Canada yet but I'm going to keep my eyes open for them, just in case.

rebecca said...

You had me at Roasted Garlic...
By the time I got to the end of your post my mouth was watering!
Quesadillas yum!

Stephanie said...

I've been wanting to try those tortilla chips! Glad to know they are worth trying!

Fiona Designs said...

Yum! Those chips look delicious!

ana said...

Oooo. Thise chips sound great. I must try them out.

cabin + cub said...

Heehee.. reminds me of when I got a sandwich grill from my dad one year for Christmas! Even though I was only 8, it was the best gift ever... I got to cook by myself!

thestoryofkat said...

a quesadilla maker?! are you taking in boarders? ;)


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