Friday, January 7, 2011

Tom Jones, Snow and Pink Flamingos

On our way out of town Monday morning
 we stopped to get our travel cup of coffee and
 Starbucks had this cd sitting at the checkout...

Too perfect since it was to Vegas we were heading.
So armed with some good tunes...
all except for Tom Jones that is,
he just makes me giggle for some reason.

We were this white stuff!

Yes, that is snow and in case you forgot,
I live in Southern California...
it's not a sight we see too often.

I haven't stood in snow in a very long time...
and as you can tell from the bare feet in my shoes, 
I wasn't really expecting it!

So singing along (except to Tom) we had a fun drive...
There is something reminiscent about a road trip, 
it takes me back to being a kid, feet up on the dash,
going somewhere fun.

Chad was going for a big trade show and
 I actually ended up tagging along to the show.
It was a lot of fun, except maybe for the
 cereal box sized name tag they make you wear around your neck.
I mean really...does my name have to be in such
type that you can read it across a football field!

Now to the fun parts...
Our room was covered because of the convention
so we figured we'd use the money we would have spent 
on the room and go out for a really nice dinner. idea of fun!

We got dressed up and of course since there
 was no one to take pictures...the camera was set up on the headboard
and we ran and posed...
let's just say out of about a dozen shots this was the best one,
and we were out of breath anyways!

We were staying at Mandalay Bay and
 chose a restaurant in the hotel...

Yes, that is a headless Lenin statue outside the entrance to

It's very dark and full of cozy red tones in the restaurant,
nice and quiet and the best pomegranate martinis ever!
They specialize in vodkas from all over the world
 so their drink list is a menu in itself.

Let's just say though that me, 2 martinis, high heels and
slippery stone floors do not go well together.
The restroom was a little walk from our table,
and for fear of falling I did the geisha shuffle...
tiny, tiny, baby steps.
I'm sure some people had a good laugh at my expense...
I know Chad did!

Their menu is extensive, but to get a good feel for their
 selections we choose to do their
Tasting Menu which is a little bit of everything.

We also added these...
warm mouthfuls of deliciousness!

Beef Pelmeni
Beef Dumplings in a Fennel Consomme with Dill Sour Cream

Their food presentation was very pretty and eye catching.

Paddlefish Caviar Crepe Purse 
tied with a 
Chive Ribbon

Their waitstaff was excellent.
I have never had such fantastic service.
The minute your fork was down, your plate was cleared.
They were constantly on top of things, 
but in no way obtrusive or in the way.
It was a delicious meal and a lovely treat of a night out!

I'm a huge fan of flea markets, antique stores and
 I especially love mid century modern furniture.
And of course who can go wrong with pink flamingos!

I had found this place online before we left and
 we knew we had to take a little detour on our trip to

Bill the owner, is a cool guy and
 he has a wonderful selection of treasures
all at very reasonable prices.
I loved the retro vibe from the pink walls and
 the black painted ceilings.
We had a lot of fun just wandering around.

There were a lot of cool things I would have loved
 to take home with me, but
I settled on this one...actually Chad spotted it first.

The lamp is in pristine condition,
great glaze and the colors match perfectly in our den.

Bill was even kind enough to do a little lampshade swap
since we liked a shade from another lamp better.
So thanks Bill...we love our find and
 next time we're in Vegas we'll be back!

So a fun little mini-break we had!
We got to spend some quality "singing" time together on the drive,
wander the trade show proudly displaying
 our GIANT names to the world...
and of course eat some delicious food!

And the best part, every time I look at our new lamp,
I'll think of Tom Jones,
the snow and pink flamingos!!


thestoryofkat said...

looks like such a great weekend! love the plating in that restaurant :)

and i'm a little jealous, i so want to take a little weekend roadtrip now!

Angela said...

I saw that snow in So Cal thing on the Weather Channel! I am a big baby about never getting to see snow so that was like adding salt to my wound :)

Anyway - the food looks AMAZING and it sounds like a really fun trip. That store looks super cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lamp!

Almost Precious said...

Road trips are fun and it sounds like you had a marvelous trip.
From the convention, to a fabulous dinner, to an amazing retro find it all sounds fantastic. Oh and I really like the photos of the two of you, got a giggle out of the part about how you had to run back and forth between the camera and poising.

Tara said...

I love road trips too. There's just something exciting about driving to your destination. Sounds like you had a good road trip. Is is okay if I admit to liking Tom Jones though?

lisaroyhandbags said...

It sounds like such a perfect little trip! I LOVE roadtrips - getting there is half the fun and you never know what you might find along the way. Your dinner looks delicious and you guys look great in your pic :)

rebecca said...

You two sure make a handsome couple!
So glad that you had a great time. It's not often you get to combine snow and Pink Flamingos in one trip.
I use to have to go to trade shows so I know what you mean about walking around with your name advertised in huge print. :-)
That retro shop makes me want to take a trip to Vegas even though it is a nine hour drive for us.
And of course I love the lamp. Super cool retro style and the colors are gorgeous!

Oh, I'm going to be listing new things in my shop today. Yippee!!

Denise from Beaded Embellishments said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful getaway with your husband! It's so important for couples to spend that kind of time together having fun and relaxing. I find that people get too caught up in the business of life that they forget to "find the joy in their journeys".
Best wishes for the New Year!

My Life Under the Bus said...

You guys are sooo cute! So nice to get out together. That lamp looks like a stack of blown glass beads to me : ) - very cool! Oh and if you miss the snow we've got about 14 - 18 inches on the ground and another 12-16 coming tomorrow night EEK!

maureencracknell said...

How fun! Your lamp looks great!!!

Handmade in Israel said...

Wow, what a great trip! Amazing food... and a great husband who will go antique shopping with you!
Thanks for your latest comment on my blog - always appreciated!
PS. I like Tom Jones!

Urbanstems said...

Meeling I have never been to Vegas but now whenever I see think Vegas I shall think pink flamingo, snow and your roadtrip. Love it.That shop looks like a holiday in itself! Sinead x

Emily@Pookie and Pierre said...

What an awesome weekend! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I love your description of having no one around to take your picture (we do that too!) Adorable picture. We've never been to Vegas (but its definitely on our list!)

Welcome back :)

T @ Poppy Place said...

Were you guys at the CES trade show last week??? :)

I love that you took a step into the snow you brave southern Cali girl :)

What no Tom Jones, how can that be, he always used to make me lauhg too growing up in England I never understood the attraction but I do like his rich Welsh voice.

Hope you are nice and warm, thanks for the trip around Vegas one day I hope to get there :)

Have a lovely evening T. :)


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