Friday, January 28, 2011

Dog Hair, Yogurt & Throw Up

Ever have one of those days?
I feel like I've had one of those weeks!
We've had a bunch of people out sick at work,
making an already hectic day even more so.
I got thrown up on...
Yes, you read that right.
And then the mother of all pet peeves...
the very furry dog slept on the sofa that he's not supposed to go on.
It's dark and he's light...not a good combination.

All of that =
Me not in such a great mood. to fix this?
A glass of wine...check
Some chocolate...check
Another glass of wine...check
Some more chocolate...why not!

I think we all have comfort food and in our house
it is something we refer to as yogurt chicken.
There is something about cooking with cumin
 that seems to put me at ease.
It's my "go to" spice.
I don't follow a recipe so 
measurements are an approximation.

One large tub of yogurt,
Greek yogurt works the best and about a 
heaping tablespoon each of cumin and garam masala.
A splash of lemon juice...
about 1/2 a lemon's worth.

Half an onion, about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic
and 2 small persian cucumbers,
quickly pulsed in the food processor.

Quick stir and you've got your marinade.

Add your chicken...
we like it best with drumsticks
but thighs or breasts work well too,
and skin on gives the best results.

Marinate in the refrigerator anywhere from 30 mins to 8 hours.
Then BBQ over a very low indirect heat until fully cooked through.
It usually takes about 45+ mins to cook.
If you cook it over too high a heat
 the natural sugars from the yogurt will burn.
(Made that mistake once and it's not pretty...
all the charred skin stuck to the grill)

While it's cooking I prep some veggies...

Zucchini, and cherry tomatoes,
a little olive oil, salt and pepper and
 into the grill basket they go.
They are so simple and they taste so good!

We serve it with some great pita bread from a little local
middle eastern's always so fresh and yummy!

And the kids favorite,
sticky yellow saffron rice...

Somehow after we eat food that is comforting to us,
things always seem a little better.

Aaaahhhhhh (sigh)....
I'm starting to feel the pressures of the week slipping away,
maybe just one more drumstick.


theolivetree said...

OH! My kiddos just got over the stomach flu...YUCK!!!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

you gotta love comfort food! the veggies look delicious!

Angela said...

What a title!! Sorry you got chucked on :(

BUT the chicken looks good!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh lordy nothing worse then that!!! That's what I call an *Inconsiderate Puker* - one of my kids does that and NEVER makes it to the bathroom...sigh... the chiken looks divne I love Indian food!!!

DesignsbyElenaMarie said...

Ok, I had to click on this because of the title! I had to deal with the third one this week, but at least it wasn't ON me! My kitty had the good grace to do it near the closet where I keep the deep cleaning vacuum!

Almost Precious said...

Oh, sorry you had such a yucky day. Can't think of anything worse than getting puked on. :(

Hope the wine and the chocolate helped kill the pain. The chicken recipe sounds delicious, I'll have to try it.

Tara said...

Really, is there anything that good food and wine can't make better? Have a great weekend, Meeling!

Amanda said...

Aw man - I wish I was at your house. That looks so amazing + wine sounds like a perfect night ;) Perfect way to make up for a terrible day (getting puked on yuck!!)

Have a great weekend!

rebecca said...

YIKES! What a horrible day!
Wine and a good dinner always seem to balance out days like that.
Hope this next week goes much better!

Sarah B. said...

That looks delicious!!!

Handmade in Israel said...

Oh, I want to come and eat dinner in your house! Hope the wine and chocolate helped fix the bad day too :)
Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so pleased that you enjoy it. There is plenty more to come. Please do keep visiting!

simpledaisy said...

Looks fabulous!!!! Chocolate...and wine!! Now you're talking my language!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Oh please come and cook that for me. Better still open your restuarant in P.Town so I could come and eat there (I know it is cold and rainy but we do have Some kind of summer :)

Hope it cheered you up, it did me just looking at it ( OH and drooling, sorry :)

I have a B. Day in March too. Are you an early or late March Baby :)

Hope you week gets off to a great start, T. :)

ana said...

That looks so good. & some wine/chocolate sounds lovely.


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