Monday, December 27, 2010

Snoop away...

Ok, so normally I don't condone snooping...
 or looking over someone's shoulder
 as they surf the internet,
when it means that wonderful,
I mean truly wonderful things appear under your Christmas tree...
well, then that's a different story and I think...
perfectly acceptable!

Most mornings I sit with my cup of coffee and
 do my morning blog run.
I have my favorites that I visit and as I sit there,
my kids float in and out of the room,
 never really paying attention
 to what Mom is doing, or so I thought.
Boy was I wrong!

My bloggy friend Patty over at
My Life Under The Bus
ran this great post a while back with this very shirt...
I seem to recall squealing something very girly like,
"omg, isn't that the cutest shirt ever",
not paying much attention
 to my 14 year old who was standing there.

Mr Earth and Mrs Moon t-shirt

Well it turns out that 14 year olds pay
 much closer attention than you think.
You guessed it...all wrapped up for Mom,
paid for with his "report card" and lawn mowing money.
Truly the BEST shirt ever!!

It turns out that Chad snoops too...
yep, my etsy in that case,
I say...snoop away!

Insanely delicious smelling soaps from
Garden of Holly...
turned up on Christmas morning.

Ginger Lemongrass Soap with Coriander

And jams and jellies from
Kitchen Voodoo.


Some fantastic new cookbooks too!

Including this one that I had blogged about
 when I made her delicious Pad Thai .
I can't wait to try out some of her other recipes.

And then this gorgeous
I wore it to Christmas dinner that evening.
I absolutely love it!

So a big thank you to the great snoops in my family...
for making my Christmas extra special!

What wonderful moments do you have to share from Christmas?
I want to hear all about them!


holly said...

What a special family, good snoops all of them!

Tara said...

What a wonderful, snoopy bunch of men you have, Meeling! I love that t-shirt and that necklace. That necklace is beautiful.

Almost Precious said...

Aw, how sweet.
It is always nice to receive something you really like and I agree with you 100% ... that kind of snooping is the best kind. Also I'm sure it made their gift shopping a whole lot easier.

Angela said...

How sweet! I love getting gifts from my Etsy "favorites" - my husband is great at getting gifts from there- I just need to drop bigger hints to everyone else ;)

Handmade in Israel said...

Thank you for visiting for my blog. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas! I cannot believe how amazing your son is to have purchased that shirt for you! Enjoy wearing it.

fel4u said...

I really enjoy reading your post !!!
You can't imagine how happy I am seeing my necklace going so beautiful with your shirt !
Thank you very very much and HAPPY NEW YEAR full of health , love and luck to you and your family ♥

rebecca said...

How wonderful - Your family is officially the best "Present Givers" ever! Truly I say - "Here! Here! to snooping!!"

My husband snooped around my art studio trying to discern what I might need and he came up with the the best present - a new "art bag" for carrying all my painting supplies when I venture outdoors to paint. It has more zippers, pouches and hidden compartments than I know what to do with - a huge improvement over my usual chaos. Love it!!

Enjoy your lovely gifts and have a great day!

kitchenvoodoo said...

We are so happy you enjoyed our jams so much that your wonderful husband thought to give them to you as a gift. We received even more kitchen toys and can't wait to create wonderful and exotic things for you to enjoy.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Awww!! What a sweet story about the tshirt!! You gotta love it!! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas!!

Sarah B. said...

Awwww.... what generous snoops!! I love what they got you :)

Sue said...

How thoughtful of them to think in advance like that.


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