Monday, December 20, 2010

An Icy Dip

It's chilly weather in most of the country these days.
And while we probably want to be warm and toasty,
there's one thing that I always want
 to stay nice and chilled,
and that's my dips for a party.

When I saw this great little product from
Dips 'N' More
I knew that I had to try it out!

I first came across Sue's store on etsy
and after talking with her,
she happily put together a little custom pack for me to try.

So meet the
Dip Chiller

Simply fill the outer dish with water...

Insert the smaller top bowl and freeze...
That's it!!

What you end up with after it's frozen is a
dish that will keep your dip chilled for hours!

No more worrying about that dip that's been sitting out,
perfect for outdoor picnics in the summer too!
It also has a dip lid for easy transporting.

Keep it stored in the freezer and it's always ready to go!

Now while the container is totally cool,
(no pun intended)
what goes inside it is even better.

Dips 'N' More
has almost 30 different dip mixes,
so you're sure to find something
 to please your taste buds!

Sue sent me the 
Kiss-n-Tell-Garlic dip mix to try.

Simply mix up the dry seasoning
with some mayonnaise and sour cream,
chill in the refrigerator for a few hours...

And presto...
a delicious dip to fill your
 chiller with and enjoy with chips...

or veggies...

The Kiss n Tell Garlic dip is out of this world delicious!
It was so fresh tasting,
you would never know it came from a mix.
This is a must "have on hand item"
in my pantry from now on!!

Sue tells me that "it's her favorite too and is great to use
in pasta noodles, to spice up the dish".
I can't wait to try it out like that!

I also got to try out the 
Love the name!
A fun reference to where the dip comes from...
just outside of Green Bay, WI.

This dip has a nice heat, 
gives a great little spicy kick
 to whatever you use it on.
My whole family loved this one as a chip dip.
It's kind of like eating pepper jack cheese...
without the cheese!

also carries some sweet dip mixes like

Perfect for a fruit tray or
 even spreading on bagels for breakfast!

You can taste the difference in all the
gourmet dip mixes.
They are the most flavorful dips that I've ever eaten.

Sue has graciously extended
 a special offer to my blog readers.
Purchase any 3 dip mixes or a gift set
before the end of December
and she'll throw in one extra pack
of dip for you to whatever flavor you'd like!

Just make sure to mention that you
 read about her right here on

You can find Sue here...
and here on

A special thank you to Sue
 for doing up a great little custom pack for me to try.

I enjoyed every "chilly" mouthful!


Marisa Hopkins said...

Yum and GENIUS! I'm always so weird about eating left out dip... have definitely hearted her shop!

Moonaskingtostay said...

Oh yum! I need to try this

lisaroyhandbags said...

what a great idea with the dip bowl! I love this time of year - it seems to be the only time of year when all the dips make their appearance - these sound delicious! :)

Stephanie said...

That is such a good idea!!!

ferminadaza said...

Very great ideas!

rebecca said...

The Pepper Jack Dip sounds fantastic. I will definitely check out her shop!
Happy Winter Solstice everyone!!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Now that just seems like such a clever idea. :)

What yummy sounding dips :) (although that comment almost sounds rude (He! He!)

Thanks for sharing such great stuff Meeling :)

Have a lovely Day, T. :)

Urbanstems said...

Im trying out the garlic dip - great little product find too! Sinead x

My Life Under the Bus said... I am hungry.....and I have no dip! LOL

cabin + cub said...

oh i am getting hungry reading your post! i might have to go and get some dip now!

AnastasiaC said...

yumm!! love dips and dont really know anyone who doesnt!! perfect party food!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Popping back in to wish you a very Merry Christmas - and if your going to wear a fabulous vintage dress make sure to take a picture of it! XOXO, Patty

thestoryofkat said...

that is genius! and now i am o so hungry for salty chips and dip!

Moe said...

Now that is amazing! Whoda thunk?

popping by from an etsy blog forum thread :)


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