Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Chatter of Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around,
 share a wonderful meal and give thanks for so many things.
Our house was no exception,
 and as I stood cooking in the kitchen
 listening to the happy sounds of talking and laughter filling our home, 
I was so very thankful for my life.

For the smiling faces that rang our doorbell, 
the hugs and the laughter,
 the patter of little feet sneaking into the kitchen
to grab a cookie before dinner.
It was the chatter of happiness.

I've decided to share a few peeks into our day...
mostly food related of course,
 with some great new recipes that I've found.

That's me...with Chad playing photographer
 putting the final touches on our table.
  Normally, I have no desire to even be in the photograph,
 but there is a reason for these ones.
It's the dress.
This isn't just any dress...this was an "ah hah" 
that's my dress kind of moment.
I have to give credit where credit is due and that's to Angela over at
her great blog Pickles on Pizza who blogged about this very dress,
from a wonderful little etsy shop Call Me Chula 
that carries the coolest vintage clothing.
So thanks Angela and Call Me Chula for my wonderful dress...
I love it!

So how about what the table was wearing?

This year we rented a large table and cleared out
 our kitchen furniture so everyone could sit together.
The turkey plates were a Homegoods clearance find a couple years back
 and the centerpiece was 5 boxes of "fake" 
fruit and leaves for $2 a box from Walmart of all places.
Can't beat a $10 table centerpiece!

Everyone comes early and we do appetizers before dinner.  
I always do the old standbys, a cheese plate, vegetables and dip,
 but usually throw in one or two surprises as well.
This year it was these.  As you can see from the recipe
 it was supposed to be smoked duck and pear, 
but duck was no where to be found so I did smoked ham and pear.
The only way to describe these...
Christmas on a spoon!

I decorated the drink station and the appetizer buffet with these
 fun glass gems from Personalized Pebbles, a great little shop on etsy.
They are totally customizable and are perfect for all kinds of occasions.
They added a fun little sparkle to the day!

We made all the regular Thanksgiving day food, 
turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.  
This year I tried a new gravy recipe from Tyler Florence.
Calvados Gravy with apple brandy.
It was delicious...a definite keeper of a recipe!

We had 2 vegetarians at our dinner this year.
I saw this as a great opportunity to try out a new dish.
It was fantastic!

The sweetness of the butternut squash, played off the
 bitterness of the swiss chard so nicely.
The caramelized onions, potato "croutons" and
 the crunchy hazelnuts finished it off beautifully.
This recipe is going to be a new favorite in our house for sure!

It was a day of some old standbys and some new favorites.
A day to be thankful for family and friends and good food.
I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful day with your loved ones.

I want to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you
 that takes a moment out of your day,
to stop by my blog and read my ramblings.
I love your comments and read each and every one.
They make me laugh and smile and just feel good.

So from me to you...
thank you.


Beaded Embellishments said...

You look absolutely beautiful in your vinatge dress. Your hair is gorgeous too. What a lovely blog post and your food looks so yummy!
Thanks for stopping by!
Beaded Embellishments

Lala's Pequenos said...

Super lovely dress! Looks like you had a marvelous evening. The ravioli looks awesome! Please share the recipe!

The Chulas said...

Hey ma'am..."Your Slip Is Showing" :) You are a doll! Your table is lovely and the food looks scrumptious! Yes ma'am, it seems, we are all truly blessed :)

Tara said...

I have to be honest, Meeling, I noticed the dress right away. it is so pretty and you look fantastic. By the way, so does the meal and the martinis. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

rebecca said...

Hey gorgeous! That dress is lovely AND your hair - swoon worthy indeed! The pomegranate martinis must have looked fantastic in those green swirl glasses with blackberries - yum!!
It looks like you created a fun and delicious day for your family and friends, thanks for sharing with us!!
Smiles back at ya!

Kathy said...

hi there~
Found you in the Etsy forums. What a sweet blog post, and such nice photos as well. I agree, lovely hair Missy!!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us....

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh goodness the dress is fantastic!!! The meal looks pretty awesome too - love turkey plates - I got my transferware over 3 years from Homegoods too! Looks like a great time : )

Sarah B. said...

WOW! You sure pulled out all the stops! I need to take my cues from you and buy stuff right after the holidays on clearance :)

Abbylicious said...

Hi there, found you in the etsy fourms. What a festive Thanksgiveing dinner table. Glad you and yours had a wonderful time!

Angela said...

I don't even know where to start :)

The dress is beautiful on you and you are beautiful in it :) It IS the perfect dress for you!!

The table is so festive -

--and you not only remembering the vegetarians but making a special dish for them is was SO sweet of you.

The food looks so good and you just look happy!! Glad you had a wonderful holiday!!

SleightGirl said...

You're gorgeous, the dress is gorgeous and the table is gorgeous! And the food looks quite yummy!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Love your dress and the food sounds so yummy - especially the ravioli! xo

cabin + cub said...

mmm, it all looks very festive and delicious. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Fickle Cattle said...

The food looks delicious, but the table setting is divine.

Almost Precious said...

The dress is definitely YOU, it compliments your hair beautifully and talk about beautiful, your hair is divine, such a gorgeous color. You could well be a model.

Your whole Thanksgiving, from table top to menu is a knock out, what a lovely gourmet affair you provided your guests.

Handmade in Israel said...

Your table looks gorgeous and you look amazing! Yes, a beautiful dress and beautiful hair too!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am happy you liked the wedding album I created.

Erin Bradley said...

Wow! Everything looked AMAZING! The table setting was absolutely beautiful! :)

maureencracknell said...

WOW! Everything looks SO wonderful! I wish I would have taken pictures of our feast...not sure what I was thinking there! Happy belated Thanksgiving!!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Honestly I am having hair and dress envy............

Idelis said...

Meeling!! First off, as a guest to this wonderful event, I can truely say it was all AMAZING!!! Thank you for being such a great hostess!! Secondly, guess what we are having for dinner tonight... Your yummy butternut squash raviolis! Mmmm!!! I picked some up at Trader Joes and I'm here to snag the recipe. Haha! Also, I'm planning a small get-together with some friends later this month and I may be back for that martini recipe. Those were sooo good!! I definitly had one (maybe even two) too many.... Hahaha!!!

Casey S. said...

Thanks for including my Personalized Pebbles in your posting. Your table setting looked absolutely amazing. Love your blog and creative ideas!

Amanda said...

Wow, your table is just lovely. I really need to work on my food presentation! :)


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