Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Camping on a Stick

There's something about sitting around a campfire making S'mores.  The air is scented with melting chocolate, your fingers sticky from the marshmallows and crumbs of graham crackers on your lips.
It's the quintessential outdoor experience!

Since summer is pretty much over for most of the country, there won't be too many more campfires to sit around roasting marshmallows.  I was browsing etsy the other day, and I came across this
delightful little sweet shop called Nummy Crummies.
What a fun name!

The first thing that caught  my eye...S'mores on a stick!

S'mores Lollipops
Now you don't need to go camping to enjoy this delicious campfire treat.  I asked Melissa the story behind them and she told me "that she LOVES S'mores and was bummed the weather was changing", so she came up with S'mores on a stick "a portable snack".

Melissa was kind enough to send me a little sampler pack of her products to try.  It arrived packed nicely in a box with ribbon and tissue and each sweet treat was tied up in a cute little bag.

Cute packaging
Her Chocolate Marshmallow Mudslide Cookies are fantastic!
If you love chocolate, then this is the treat for you.  The cookie was soft and moist...almost like a little piece of chocolate cake, topped with a marshmallow and some more chocolate.
What's not to love!

Chocolate Marshmallow Mudslide Cookies
When I asked Melissa what her favorite item in her shop was, 
she had trouble picking but finally decided on her 
She told me "they are her flagship item and
 the reason she started her shop".  
She even said "it's hard to fill orders without munching on them".
I'm thinking these would make a perfect snack
 while wrapping Holiday presents!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

While those may be Melissa's favorite...I have my own.
Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears!
They are totally addictive and yes,
I'll admit it...I hid the bag from everyone else in the house.
Mom's secret stash!!
Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

It's a fun surprise with each bear you eat,
 because you don't know what flavor gummy bear is
 hiding out underneath all that yummy rich chocolate!

Melissa "enjoys the whole creating process...
especially drizzling the chocolate".
She said "there's something relaxing after a long day to
 come home and make sweets".

I like the sound of that...good-bye long hard day and hello chocolate!

Melissa's shop is filled to the brim with wonderful sweet treats.
Perfect for your Holiday gift giving and of course for yourself.

Nummy Crummies on etsy
or on her blog

Happy Sweet and Delicious Day!


Frannie said...

Love your post on s'mores. My daughter and son-in-law have a special little campfire spot in their backyard for making s'mores. They are addicting for sure.

And are not talking to yourself.

Off to check out Nummy Crummies!

DesignsbyElenaMarie said...

Those chocolate covered pretzels look sooo yummy. Right now I am eating left over Halloween candy...pretty boring stuff.

Tara said...

After visiting, I always seem to want to eat. Coffee, cheese, wine, and now chocolate. Yum!

T @ Poppy Place said...

How clever s'mores on a stick. I just had to heart her shop. Thanks for sharing this great find :) T.

herzensart said...

the chocolate pretzels look very tempting.

Handmade in Israel said...

Oh! Wow! Now I want to eat everything in her store! I'm with you - the bears sound good. Never heard of s'mores before...
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so pleased you liked my card.

rebecca said...

Chocolate Covered Pretzels - YUM!
Your blog is a real treat to read. Get it..treat..haha..okay I'll stop now. Seriously, I must check out her shop!
Oh - and thank you, thank you for showing my little shop on your blog!!

geschichtenvonkat said...

o my goodness, now my mouth is watering!

Pattie said...

Love the way you write! I can clearly get a visual of a camp fire. Though I have never actually sat around one or tasted roasted marshmallows lol

I can say though that I am officially hungry. :)

Almost Precious said...

S'mores, haven't made those since my girls were small and I was a girl scout leader. They were always a favorite around the girl scout camefire.
NummyCrummies sounds like a great shop to get great nummies from, I'll be sure to check it out.

Almost Precious said...

Oops ... should've ran spell check,I hit the e instead of p ... it should've been "campfire" :)

Rebecca Ann Creations said...

This all looks amazing! I love the smores on a stick! Great idea!

My Life Under the Bus said...

God I'd hide them too - doesn't every mother have her own chocolate stash??? We have a firepit and it makes the most yummy smores. Those s'mores on a stick look fantastic!

Lala's Pequenos said...

I should not have stopped here. I must have those pretzels!

Laura said...

I want all of it! Holy moly, I have been deprived of chocolate for too long!

Haylee said...

What a fun shop! I have never heard of chocolate covered Gummy bears before but I am not dying to try some!
I also love your etsy store (and your blog! Especially the background.) I really really want to buy the vintage fabric pear onesie for my niece. It's SO cute.

Urbanstems said...

Now I want chocolate. The kettle is on a cuppa and some chocolate but nothing as nice as what you have posted about here!! Sinead


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