Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Day was Green and Grey and Orange

In a rare California October sky, we had grey today.  And somehow, when the sky is grey, the greens seem to pop against the pale backdrop.  Trees and grass seem more vibrant, more alive.  I love days like this.  If I lived in Portland and saw them all the time, I'd probably feel differently, but since we don't have them too often here, they are a welcome diversion.

It made me want to bake and since the blackened bananas sitting in my fruit bowl were taunting me, I figured what better payback than turning them into banana bread.   

It was a simple and delicious breakfast with a cup of coffee.  The recipe can be found here.
The only addition I made was to add about a teaspoon 
each of vanilla and cinnamon.

While the grey and green were lovely to look upon, a splash of orange 
was not unwelcome, so we figured it was the perfect day to 
make our annual trek to the pumpkin patch.

It's funny how traditions develop and for about 15 years now we have visited the same pumpkin patch.  At first we pushed the kids in strollers before they could walk and chose their pumpkins for them.  
As they grew, they'd walk through the rows of pumpkins trying to 
climb on them and pick up the largest one they could find 
and fall over in the process.  
Then it was the petting zoo that was the big hit, or the 
train ride through the hay field.  
Now we've come to the stage where "Scarecrow Alley" and the 
corn maze are where it's at.  

I love the fact that somehow they become "young" again.  It's ok to not be the "cool" teenager for an afternoon and run through the fields and climb up on the giant pumpkin play structure.  They still meander through the rows of pumpkins picking out just the right one for carving, and walk away with butter on their faces from the fresh corn and carmel from the candy apples.

And tell me why corn on the cob eaten outside while sitting on a hay bale tastes so much better?

So another year has passed at the pumpkin patch, and I will as with every other year, come home and look back at the photos from years past and see how much they've grown and feel just a little wistful,
a little torn at where the time has gone.

As the day draws to a close.....
I'm thankful for this day of grey and green...
but mostly for the orange splash that made my heart smile.


Frannie said...

Fall is here. Banana bread, pumpkins, it.
Adding the vanilla and cinnamon to the banana bread sounds great.
Your pictures are great. Love the pumpkin patch photo!
Have a great fall.

Melody said...

Ooooh, Banana Bread. I love that stuff. Now I'm in the mood to do all those fun fall things :)

Austin Leigh Designs said...

This makes me want corn on the cob dripping with butter. Drooling

Bridget said...

great pics & the banana bread looks delicious.

Emily@Pookie and Pierre said...

Sunday must have been a baking day! Yum. I love the photos from the pumpkin patch. What a fun fall tradition.

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Man, everyone's getting me with their fall posts today! It's my favorite season and I haven't seen it in two years! Hawaii is beautiful but I'm definitely a seasons girl!

I do love me some banana bread though--YUM!

Hopping over from etsy forums! Love your cute blog! :)

Crunchy Diva said...

that's funny i was thinking of making banana bread tonight with my son. he loves the stuff :)

Meet and Greet the Artists said...

Banana bread and corn... two of my favorite things!!!!

cabin + cub said...

Mmm.. looks so yummy!
We went to the pumpkin patch on the weekend too!

lisaroyhandbags said...

sounds like such a fun day! I love all those fall traditions and I can understand your liking grey days when you don't have them often. Here in Ireland it's grey and wet most of the time so when the sun is out, I'm all smiles! mmmm... banana bread! :)

Tara said...

Such a nice post with all that fall entails -- baking, pumpkins and the passage of time.

Rebecca at Meadowview said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day! Now, of course, I am craving banana bread and corn.

Laura said...

Now I need banana bread :)

I love your description of California light. I lived i there for one year and after that I could really understand why all the great photographers went to California to live out their last years.


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