Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Coffee Song

I'm a huge Frank Sinatra fan.  There's something about his music that always puts me in a good mood.  My grandparents used to listen to him and I remember being at their house as a kid with Frank tunes floating from the record player.  It makes me smile thinking back.
One of my favorite...get in an "instant good mood" songs is his 
spirited version of 
It somehow just doesn't get any more cheerful than that song.  
It makes you want to get up and dance, move around, tap your toes.

Another mood enhancer is coffee. I'm talking about a really good cup.  The one that you smell brewing and it summons you to get your mug and immediately pour yourself a cup.  The kind that when you go back for your second cup...it's actually still as good as your first.
It's not often you get a fantastic cup like that but I did this past weekend and I've just got share it with you.

If you were here, I'd pour you a cup so you could taste for yourself, but since that's not possible, I'll have to tell you about it.  
I found Larry's Beans coffee and woo hoo...talk about 
wanting to dance around!  
I first found their shop on etsy and was intrigued by them so I started to do a little more research.

They refer to themselves as "coffee artists on a mission" and a mission they've been on to find the best coffee in the world and roast it with both precision and artistry.

They are a founding member of Cooperative Coffees.  A group of independent coffee roasters that buys organic green coffee beans directly from Fair Trade co-ops.  What I liked is that they saw this as more than an equitable way to buy coffee from farmers who put their hearts into growing it.  It was a way to connect people from all corners of the world.  What a great way to look at it!

They've got their act together both on a global scale and also locally which I love.  Practice what you preach!  
Check out what they call their "Rock Star"

Delivery vehicles that run on waste vegetable oil!

Fair Trade - Shade Grown - Organic

But I know by now you're wondering...how does it taste?
It's uncommonly good!  

Larry's was generous enough to send me a sample of their 
Mightier Mocha Java blend to try.

The aroma even before we opened the bio-bag was heavenly! 
(Shhhhh...as a side note...their biodegradable bag is completely quiet!)

Once we ground the beans...a wonderful chocolate and 
earthy smell filled the kitchen.

Larry's describes this blend as "a traditional blend that offers a medium-heavy body with loads of earthy spice. Distinct sweet berry acidity and chocolate liquor finish". 

I describe it as "addictive...kind of like eating chocolate covered espresso beans...when before you realize it, you've consumed the whole bag...it's that kinda good"!

It is a beautiful dark burnished color, you get aromas of 
chocolate and the earth with a bright finish.
I drank 3 cups...say no more.

So next time I need a little mood enhancer and Frank isn't around...
I'm reaching for a delicious Cup of Joe...

Well actually...make mine a Cup of Larry!

Check them out here on the web to read more and purchase your own
or in their etsy store

Thanks again to Larry's Beans for letting me sample their outstanding coffee and giving me this opportunity to blog about them!

My mug is held high (and filled with your coffee)...keep up the good work!


Jacqueline Gikow said...

You're definitely not talking to yourself. I loved your blog about the coffee makers. It's so interesting to see what other crafts are being sold on etsy.

You did a great job of featuring them.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Is it wrong I kinda want to lick the screen? LOL !!! Love me some good coffee!

BiscottiQueen said...

As a coffee junky! I am for sure favoriting their shop... awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this shop to my attention! I am pretty vocal about buying fair trade, so to be able to buy fair trade AND on Etsy .. amazing!

Katrinshine said...

Very interesting!

T @ Poppy Place said...

My comp. updated as I was leaving you a message, so if you get 2 :)

What an awesome feature and I absolutely love the van :)

I love the smell of coffee :) and with those shots I feel I can smell it :)

Have a lovely afternoon T.:)

Tara said...

Hmm, I think I want a cup of coffee. I'm off to check out their shop right now.

Swell Papel said...

So, it's 12 AM right now and after reading your post I'm craving a cup of Larry! lol!

Maggie said...

Neat bus!


deb said...

Wow, great post! Love knowing the process behind the art! Off to get more coffee now!

10Yen said...

oh how cool!I always love reading about the process :) love the photos

Christie Cottage said...

The delivery van is awesome!

I love coffee. Good coffee :-)

Thanks and thanks for posting on my blog thread on etsy.

New blog post that will make you smile!

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Sarah B. said...

Wow, that really sounds amazing! They seem like an awesome company :). I'm off to go check out their store!


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