Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Wednesday in Tuscany

There's just something about "hump" day...I mean what is it with Wednesday?  I always seem to feel tired, and kind of unmotivated, yesterday was no exception.  So I decided we needed a night out...that's right, a midweek night out.  There's no hard and fast rule against it...and if there is, 
well too late, because I already broke it.  

We have a great wine store in our valley, called Vino 100 there's a number of them across the country, check here
to see if you have one in your local area.  
Ours is phenomenally run and super friendly.
No wine snobs here!

Beyond having a great selection of wines, you can sit and have a glass or a flight and a light appetizer.  
So that's exactly what we did.  We choose a flight and the Mangiare Tutto appetizer, which translated, means to eat it all, and we did that...that's why there's no picture of our food, because by the time I remembered to take one, our plate was empty.  
Bad blogger...take picture first, eat second.  Lesson learned.

It was modest fare; crackers, olives, bruschetta, cheese, salami...a drizzle of good olive oil.  It's funny how something so simple can be so good.  Then the wines came, the first and second were pleasing choices.  One from Italy and one from California, but it was the third one, that got me. 
One sniff, a swirl of my glass, a little sip and suddenly....I was back in Tuscany...
It wasn't Wednesday anymore!  Funny how that happens, a smell, a taste
 and you get instantly transported.  It was very relaxing, we just sat and talked and enjoyed the food, 
wine and calm ambience.

There was live music, which added wonderfully to the atmosphere.  We really enjoyed his music, so here's a little shout out Mr. Johnson...nice meeting you.  You can find him online at

We walked away feeling refreshed and revived...and considering we bought a bottle of Tuscany to take home with us...all I've got to say is...
Wednesday...bring it on!


Swell Papel said...

I love your Wednesday night out!

Crunchy Diva said...

that sounds like a fantastic wednesday night out. i feel you about hump day. i get to spend mine herding 20 8 - 10 years olds at cubs until the end of the school year...~sigh~...i'm a wine lover myself i love my BC wines.

gretchenmist said...

sounds like a really good night ~ if i could live on red wine and simple food like this i would!


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