Friday, September 24, 2010

Burgers For Dessert

I have been a bad parent today...I let my son skip class under the pretense of going to the dentist and then I let him eat dessert before lunch...what kind of mother am I?  Let me take you back a couple months ago to the start of The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network.  This was like morning coffee or church on Sunday at our house.  We watched and we willed and we won!  
Well, actually the Grill em All guys won, but you get the idea.  

When we found out that they were going to be within reasonable driving distance from where we live, we had to go, this was not an option.  The covert operation began when we picked our son up early from class.  He was bewildered walking into the office, as he couldn't remember having a dental appointment.  The look of joy on a 14 year olds face when he realizes he's about to miss math class and gets to eat burgers in it's place.  Priceless.

So we headed to the lunch spot only to find that the Grill em All truck had some mechanical issues and was running late.  So of course since the ice cream truck was already there we had to have dessert first. 

I saw donut flavored ice cream on the menu and that was the end of looking at the other sounded delicious.  And it was!  It has beautiful texture, little cake donut pieces fill your mouth with flavor, surrounded by the creamiest of ice cream that coated your mouth.  Not too sweet, just right. Yum!  They have an eco-edge which I like.  They serve all scoops in a waffle bowl and use bamboo spoons.  
You get to eat your bowl, I mean who can say no to that?

Donut Flavored Ice Cream
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the offer to try more of your flavors...I would have loved to sample if I wasn't so full.  But don't worry I'll be back!

So go find their super friendly staffed truck and get yourself a scoop or two!

Now that we ate lunch it was time for dessert.  Burgers of course!  

Grill 'em All had arrived with cheers from the crowd.  The smell wafting from the truck made you go weak in the knees.  We couldn't wait to eat!  It's very hot in Los Angeles today, near 100 degrees but a ton of people braved the line to wait for burgers. 
And of course as the hungry mob grew restless, people had to be reminded of their manners!

There were 3 of us and we all ordered something different to get a good sampling of their menu.  First was the Witt-E-patty, sriracha, beer onions, cream cheese and bacon. Delicious and spicy!  
A wonderful blend of flavors.
We may have to try and mimic this one at our next BBQ.

WittE Burger with fries and chipotle ketchup

Now meet Molly Hatchet-patty, sausage fennel gravy, bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup.  Also a winner in my books.  Subtle fennel taste in the sausage gravy, and I loved the sweet hint you got from the maple syrup.  It's kind of like a burger with a hint of breakfast.  Savory & sweet!
Molly Hatchet Burger with fries and chipotle ketchup
Now for the monster of a burger that they said he couldn't eat...they were wrong!  Don't ever tell a 14 year old he can't finish something...he'll prove you wrong.  A Double Waste Em All-2 patties, marinated green chiles, pepper jack cheese and beer soaked onions.  
This burger was HUGE!
Double Waste em All burger with fries and malt vinegar aioli
In his words: delicious, awesome, messy...the best burger I've ever eaten and well worth the wait!
I couldn't have said it better myself.

So spatulas up to you Grill 'em guys cook a mean burger and serve 'em up with style!

So back to the bad parent thing, yes, he did miss math class today but come on...
1 Double Waste em All + donut ice cream + a new t-shirt = 
One very happy teenager and a memory he won't soon forget.

In my books that's way more useful than x + y = z or something like that.


Erica said...

you make me miss LA. I loved the "roach coaches" the mexican food was always really good!

lisaroyhandbags said...

sounds amazing and I think you're a great parent! it's a memory he'll never forget and that's what growing up is all about! math class will always be there but moments like this are priceless! I wish I had had some moments like these when I was growing up :)

Crunchy Diva said...

that sounds awesome the memories are worth more than what he would have learned in math

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that food looks so good! It made my mouth water looking at the pictures. :)

Beth said...

I loved the Food Truck Race, so it's cool hearing from somebody who actually got to try the food. Nifty! :D

RaeoLight said...

wow this place looks so yummy!

Lizzie Brown said...

My mom used to do this kind of stuff with me. She'd get me out of school with a "family emergency" note and then we'd go to the outlet malls or something.

You're a good mom!

Christine (Remember December) said...

Lol. Dessert before lunch? You sound like a pretty fab mom to me ;) Oooh, donut ice cream... ! I love eating ice cream cone "bowls" too! :)


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